Maldivas – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

It’s Over, Leia

Episode 7 of Maldivas begins this finale with the Captain capturing Patricia aka. Leia. Veronica has been unsuccessful in taking her out of the complex and everything looks set to come crashing down.

The Captain refuses to hand over Patricia to the police, as Patricia realizes that he’s been hired by someone else. She tries to probe just who that is but he’s not budging.

Who wants Patricia dead?

The real antagonist here though is Joana, who originally sent a contract killer after Patricia in the past, complete with a fancy little hat too. The Captain hasn’t been cleared to kill Patricia/Leia though, prompting him to stall for time – which Patricia figures out.

Meanwhile, Liz and Miguel prepare for their marriage. She’s suspicious of her fiancĂ©, especially as he’s so adamant about marrying her now – and doing so quickly. Her suspicions are definitely warranted, given he’s working with Joana and under instructions to kill Patricia if the right time arises.

What happens between Rayssa and Milene?

Another suspicious character here is Milene, who’s confronted by Rayssa. Rayssa shows off the photos she’s being blackmailed with and is distraught, unsure who could be sending them. The reveal that she’s actually pregnant too, not to mention Milene noticing Victor with her the previous night, only compounds the awkwardness of this entire encounter.

Outside, Denilson investigates the burning car that ended episode 6, wondering what the link to all this is. At the same time, Gustavo shows Kat their laundered money and encourages her to continue. The allure of more money is too good for her to stop now.

That night, during Liz’s bachelorette party, secrets come spilling out. Milene calls Rayssa two-faced, while Rayssa calls out Milene’s plastic surgery. Speaking of deceitfulness, Liz decides to visit Denilson that night and ends up sleeping with him. However, they’re interrupted by big details about the car. They’ve IDed who it belongs to – Veronica.

At the same time, Veronica manages to best her captor who pops a whole bunch of painkillers after being shot by the Captain during the end of the last episode. Veronica takes advantage of this, managing to best him and escape. It turns out she was inside the condo the whole time, and she heads back up to her room in enough time for Denilson and Liz to be there, waiting for her.

What happened the night of the fire?

Inside her house, Lizv gets rid of the bugs and implores Veronica to open up and reveal where her mother is. It’s here we get the events from that night again, but this time with details on exactly what happened.

It turns out Patricia was attacked by the assassin Joana sent to kill her. Veronica knocked her out with the condo rulebook. A fire was inadvertently started, and this assassin died in the fire while Veronica and Patricia/Leia escaped.

They both concocted a plan to try and escape together, fooling Joana into believing she was really dead. And Denilson confirms the story too thanks to the results for the body coming back.

While Liz tries to keep a cool head in the wake of this bombshell reveal, Milene and Rayssa clear up their issues. The latter calls out Milene for her affair, which she confirms and apologizes. Rayssa also reveals the truth – that Victor chose her and decided to end things. Rayssa also reveals to Milene that Caua left her for the make-up artist… who, as we quickly find out, happens to be the one sending the photos and blackmailing her.

What happens to Patricia? Does she escape?

With Denilson waiting outside, ready to pounce when the time arrives, Miguel and Liz are close to getting married. At the same time, Patricia realizes she’s being kept in her own room, so she ends up burning the sheet and starts a massive fire.

The Captain is shocked and promises she won’t escape. As she’s led outside, Denilson is there waiting with his gun drawn. Although they make it down the stairs… they only make it as far as Joana who happens to be holding a gun pointed at them both.

Miguel shows up from behind, knocks out Denilson, and shows where his allegiance is. Liz appears after, pleading with Joana to stop this, while Patricia/Leia is on the verge of being killed. Only, Liz has a gun of her own and she fires on Joana. Despite the fact Patricia killed her father, Liz has excused that and leaves with her birth mother.

The Captain also leaves too, picked up by Milene outside. He encourages her to join him but she refuses. Out at the gates, he pleads with her to escape this prison she’s found herself in and leaves the condo.

As for Liz, Denilson lets her and Patricia have a final farewell and walks away. “As soon as its safe, I’ll be back.” Patricia promises, as she’s driven up to the airport.

How does Maldivas Season 1 end?

And in one final twist, it turs out Patricia/Leia wasn’t the one who shot her husband after all – it was Liz. Patricia took the blame for this to protect her baby girl and has been living with this burden all this time.

Three months later and everything is back to how it was before… kinda. Veronica is under house arrest, Liz doesn’t receive any punishment for murdering her father in the past, and lives among the other ladies in the Maldivas. But will there be another twist in the tale later on down the line?

The Episode Review

Maldivas ends With one final twist, as this 7 part series bows out on a high. The show has definitely been a bit rough around the edges, especially the first half, although the tone has settled down nicely during these final three chapters. The big twist at the end of episode 5 is a lovely touch, especially finding out that Patricia/Leia is still alive.

The show has done well with these little moments, although some of these characters are beyond redemption at this point. Even so, this has been a soapy melodrama that feels like a blend of Desperate Housewives and Jane the Virgin – with a touch of Sky Rojo for good measure.

In the end, the show does manage to bring everything together in a satisfying manner, especially with Denilson deciding to let Patricia go after all. With the case all wrapped up and all our characters given a decent conclusion, this colourful melodrama does at least manage to stick its ending!


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