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From Project Runway to Next In Fashion, there seems to be no end to fashion competitions that are taking the reality world by storm. Next to throw their weight in the ring is Making The Cut, Amazon’s own effort where contestants compete for the chance to sell their outfits on Amazon and gain a cool $1 million in the process. With all the usual tropes you’d expect from a show like this, it seems obvious that, much like other shows of its kind, there’s bound to be plenty of highs and lows across the series.

Presented by Heidi Krum and Tim Gunn, this reality competition sees 12 contestants from across the globe, with an already-established brand, come together to fight for the chance of being named the best designer. The set-up is very similar to other competitions of its kind and if you’ve seen any other reality show then the format here will come as no surprise.

Each episode sees the contestants design and create two unique outfits for each assignment, given the time to do so in the specially-designed studio before presenting them to the four judges. The competition hops around the globe with the first two episodes taking place in Paris. With each episode clocking in at around an hour or so, the first half of each episode sees the contestants create their outfits before then showcasing them on the runway for the Judges.

The final part of the episode then sees all Judges and contestants come together to figure out who “makes the cut” and who’s “cut” from the competition. It’s all very similar to other reality shows of its kind but it clearly works given how watchable this show actually is.

Stylistically, there’s some nice touches here with plenty of split screen shots to show the runway models and Judge’s reactions at the same time. By contrast, the hand-drawn illustrations showing the different contestants getting their ideas down on the paper helps to show some solid progression over time.

The second episode also showcases some Tim and Heidi skits which I’d imagine will be a mainstay for the episodes to come as well. This episode also sees some of the usual reality-drama you’d expect with one contestant walking out and needing a Tim-talk before heading back inside again. Given the preview for the episodes ahead, as the pressure starts to mount this appears to be a mainstay for the series but thankfully doesn’t dominate the show and overpower some of the more interesting aspects on display.

While this is no Project Runway, there’s enough within Making The Cut to make it a confident catwalk contender nonetheless. With its own unique brand and style, the promise of different locations across the globe is a promising prospect going forward. It’s not perfect but there’s certainly enough with this one to keep you coming back for more.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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  1. I love shows like this where people are given a chance to go to fashion week my problem is there are no POC winning or even going to fashion week on this show and it is the same for project runway POC always get eliminated and never win I think if you give everyone else a chance POC should have a chance 2 and the judges don’t have there own opinions if one says she or he doesn’t like the outfit they all end up saying the same thing all I’m saying is the show should be fair if your outfit is good and you like it let the person win it doesn’t matter if they are African American White blue green or purple it should not be one race of people winning every challenge and one race of people going to fashion week you need fair judges on both shows project runway and the new show making the cut it’s crazy

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