Make Us Dream Documentary Review

A True Liverpool Legend

When Liverpool won the Champions League in 2005, I was still in school and witnessed the pandemonium at a die-hard Liverpool fan’s house that evening. Having never been to a football match, the raw emotion that came from the lowest of lows to the eventual euphoric joy was something incredibly infectious and difficult not to get caught up in. Say what you will about Liverpool F.C., the passion, determination and never-say-die attitude of the club has never quite been personified as effectively as that seen in Steven Gerrard. 

Starting with his early years as a promising youth at the academy, Make Us Dream follows the journey of Liverpool’s brightest star and one of England’s best midfielders. Along with himself, commentary from his Mum and Dad, agent, wife and fellow players paint a picture of a man who lived and breathed Liverpool Football Club. From breaking into the first team to bowing out as a living legend, Make Us Dream does an excellent job painting a portrait of a man who gave it all to the beautiful game.

The documentary mixes archival footage from matches, complete with English commentary, with still photos and news reports through the entirety of the film’s 100 minute run time. This works really well, painting a picture of the drama on and off the pitch. With such a star-studded career, Make Us Dream shows us some of the darkest moments in one of England’s brightest prospects. It touches on the impact money has had on the beautiful game as well as the allure for many players to chase glory at the up and coming clubs. Those familiar with this period of time may remember Gerrard’s speculated move to Chelsea and the images of Liverpool fans burning their shirts is something that will go down as one of the darker days in the club’s history.

The cruel nature of football to deny Gerrard the chance to lift the Premier League trophy during his career is likely to be one of the more iconic what-if moments hanging over the man’s head. Despite this and the raging debate about whether Steven Gerrard is the best midfielder England has ever produced, there’s no denying the man has done incredible things for the world of football. In an ever-evolving world of greed, fame and title-chasing, Make Us Dream is a reminder that Steven Gerrard typifies the perfect footballer – a man who sticks by his morals and talent through thick and thin.

  • - 9/10