Maid – Season 1 Episode 8 “Bear Hunt” Recap & Review

Bear Hunt

Episode 8 of Maid Season 1 begins with the familiar sound of Sean breathing. Much like episode 1, Alex struggles to sleep but this time she’s in Sean’s arms in bed. Freaking out, Alex gets dressed and waits in the car, managing to get a lift from Sean to the ferry.

In the morning, Sean starts suffocating Alex (figuratively, guys) and tries to stay with her all morning, not letting her out his sight. When Alex finally shows up at Nate’s place, he’s understandably upset and struggles to hide his jealousy when he finds out she’s slept with Sean.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Alex shows up at the hospital to find her Mum a mess too, and on the verge of being detained in hospital. Alex tries to cover for her but the doctors are adamant this is what’s best. And the alternative? Well, Alex would need to care for Paula, which isn’t really an option given her job.

Alex heads back to Sean’s place, where he’s made them dinner and Maddy has done some artwork to try and cheer her up. Alex has decided to stay at Sean’s temporarily too, just until she can afford a place of her own.

Sean though decides to give up bartending and start doing carpenting, gaining inspiration from Hank to try and better his life. However, he wants to try and make amends with Alex too and live as a happy family again…which obviously isn’t going to happen.

During her round of cleans in the morning, Alex heads over to Regina’s house and finds her the worse for wear in the wake of baby Leo returning home. Regina is very clearly struggling, whispering and trying to stay quiet. Alex though effortlessly manages to put Leo down in the crib to bed, playing classical music.

Regina very clearly has post-natal depression and she’s struggling. Sobbing, Alex reassures the woman and encourages her to go and have a nap while she clears up.

Mid-clean, Alex receives some good news – finally! A guy called Steve rings from the writing program in Missoula, offering her another scholarship opportunity for this coming academic year. She manages to write up her application form and attach bits of writing too – which just so happens to be excerpts from her journal.

Unfortunately, Alex’s rollercoaster ride of emotion takes a turn for the worst. Remember that gig Alex was paid cash in hand for? Well, Value Maids have found out and are not happy. In fact, Yolanda fires her outright.

With no job, bills piling up and Alex’s prospects looking grim, she takes a long look at Maddy while they’re in Sean’s trailer. Eventually Alex decides to take Maddy out for a hike to try and get her mind off of things, disguised as a bear hunt.

Naturally Alex tries to make the best of a bad situation, offering her services as a freelancer and getting paid by the hour. She puts up flyers around town but unfortunately Sean slips into old habits later that day, suggesting they go back to sharing a phone again when she asks for cash.

Thankfully, Regina comes to the rescue. She rings Alex and offers her three shifts a week, paying $20 an hour and with a guaranteed 15 hours. Regina offers supplies and a ferry pass – which is a lifesaver in a difficult situation. Not only that though, Alex gets accepts for her scholarship at Missoula. When Sean finds out he snaps, confronting her and claiming she’s taking Maddy away from him.

Back home, Maddy and Alex sleep in bed together, while an enraged Sean takes off with her car. In the morning, Alex wakes up to find it gone. It turns out Sean has decided to give it back to Nate, leaving her stranded. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he grabs Alex, throws her against the wall and tells her he’s late for work.

As Sean leaves, Alex slumps down sobbing, repeating the words “I’m so stupid,” as memories of Danielle and what happened to her comes flooding back. Alex is trapped again, and going back to Sean has opened up that black hole beneath her once more, threatening to swallow her whole. And to make maters worse? Sean comes home with a six pack of beer.

The Episode Review

Maid has been so difficult to watch at times and this episode is no exception. Seeing Sean very slowly slip back into old ways, eventually culminating in him sitting with a six pack of beer at home, is such a horrid blow for Alex to take.

That whole scene of her sinking into the sofa at the end is a perfect analogy for her wishing the world would just swallow her whole. Of course, she remains positive for Maddy’s sake and there are a few glimmers of hope that she’ll come out of this in a positive light.

Sean’s controlling ways continue here though, giving Nate back the car and suggesting they share a phone, repeating that cycle of control that Sean wants to have over Alex. Of course, Alex slips back – even unwittingly – into his control and by the end, everything looks like it’s ready to come crashing down around her.

Beyond that, Alex losing her job and Paula slipping into a depressive mental state just pile up the misery on a girl that’s been through so much already.

With two chapters left, Maid has been a really special show but a difficult one to binge. Let’s just hope the ending completely knocks it out the park!

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4 thoughts on “Maid – Season 1 Episode 8 “Bear Hunt” Recap & Review”

  1. How can Regina have post-natal depression when she didn’t give birth? She may be struggling with having a baby at home (BTW, what about that nanny?), but post-natal depression is generally caused by massively fluctuating hormones after giving birth-which she didn’t.
    Beginning to find Alex irritating at this point. How many stupid decisions can one woman make? She’s just ridiculous at this point. And how has Paula not been sectioned? She’s clearly unhinged, has been for a long time, has probably never been properly diagnosed and/or medicated, and is clearly a danger to herself and others.

  2. I can agree, and yet she can’t seem to get a break for any time to take the appropriate corrective steps to make things right. The show reveals how she gets “trapped” again in the cycle of events. I t is truly hard to watch. Made me think of my daughter and how much I am grateful that I was nothing like Sean.

  3. It’s all Alex’s fault.
    She created her own destiny and circumstances by making one aloof mistake after another.
    So many bad decisions – it’s hard to feel sorry for the woman at this point!

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