Magnum P.I – Season 5 Episode 5 “Welcome to Paradise, Now Die!” Recap & Review

Welcome to Paradise, Now Die!

Episode 5 of Magnum P.I. Season 5 starts with a family enjoying themselves at a resort in Hawaii. The dad, David, excuses himself to get drinks at the bar as his wife and young daughter watch the fireworks. The husband doesn’t return and the wife discovers he left his phone behind.

The next morning, one of the hotel staff members reaches out to Katsumoto to help the wife find her husband. Meanwhile, Magnum goes over the file Katsumoto handed him. The report leads them to believe Captain Buck was killed by a pro. Magnum also learns that two weeks prior to his death, Captain Buck filed a report that someone in a black sedan was following him.

Unfortunately, the police were unable to find any leads. They also learn that the harbour master who talked to T.C. is also missing. Magnum is already looking for him. Higgins also reached out to her MI6 contact and is hoping to find some answers.

Katsumoto visits them and asks them to take over the case of the missing husband. Of course, Rick is also present at Robin’s nest after temporarily moving in with Magnum.  Magnum decides to take the job on the condition that Katsumoto helps him. Higgins has another case so they need to spilt. In reality, Magum wants to distract Katsumoto from his upcoming hearing which will determine his career.

With Katsumoto’s fate decided Higgins leaves to meet with their new client, Patty. Patty asks her to investigate the death of her beloved dog, Hank who died after ingesting a highly-concentrated toxin. Patty was close to Hank and is sure that he was intentionally poisoned. Higgins starts investigating the case and recruits the help of Kumu.

They visit the dog park that Patty frequented and no one has anything good to say about Patty or Hank. They, however, don’t have serious grudges against Patty or Hank. The autopsy for the dog comes through and it turns out Hank ate a lemon bar that was laced with rat poison. Higgins begins to suspect that Patty was the target and Hank was collateral damage.

Patty finds it hard to believe someone was trying to kill her. Higgins asks her about the day she made the treats and believes someone laced Patty’s sugar when she was late picking up her package at her door. After further investigation, they learn that Patty’s ex, Owen might be responsible. It turns out that Owen is not a bitter ex even though Patty broke up with him because she wanted to keep her alimony from her former husband.

The investigation turns to the ex-husband who got frustrated about the alimony and as a result, he is arrested for attempted murder. Patty is grateful for the help and Higgins’ comforting words about Hank’s passing.

On the other hand, Magnum and Katsumoto check the surveillance footage of the hotel the night David disappeared. David seemingly walked away by himself and withdrew money approximately 30 minutes after leaving the hotel. Magnum finds it strange that David has no prior credit history before 2010. Further investigation into David leads them to his death certificate issued in 1999. As a result, they start to question David’s true identity.

They find David’s fingerprints on his phone and Katsumoto uses a lead from a previous case to learn that David met with someone at a strip club to likely get drugs. Magnum thinks the drug angle is off and they agree to track the taxi David used after leaving the strip club. The search leads them to a motel and upon arriving, David opens fire. He seems scared that they are after him.

David manages to escape through the bathroom window before they can explain that they were hired by his wife. They realize that David went to the club to buy a gun. Before they leave the room, David calls and asks them to stay away.

Back at the mansion, Rick accidentally loses Magnum’s mouse pet and calls T.C. for help. They spend the better part of the day looking for him and T.C. finds a woman’s necklace under Magnum’s bed. They start to theorize about the possible woman Magnum might be dating.

Concurrently, Magnum and Katsumoto decide that they might be wrong about David. He seems to be running from something and trying to protect his family by staying away. The fingerprint analysis comes back and they learn that David is actually Clint Bennet.

Bennet was an accountant for a Detroit mob back in 2010. He stole two million from the mob and unfortunately, he coincidentally met one of the mob associates, Welles when vacationing in Hawaii with his family.

Welles followed David from the hotel but lost him.  Magnum worries that David’s family is in danger and they head over to the hotel to check in on them. They find the wife, Nina gone and the daughter, Mia hiding in the closet. Magnum talks to Mia and she tells them her dad called and her mom started packing soon after.

Welles barges into the room demanding to know where David is. He takes Nina at gunpoint and makes a call, asking for an address and a code.

Welles is hoping to use Nina as bait to lure David out. Katsumoto thinks that Welles is holding Nina at a vacation rental, while Magnum asks Rick to reach out to a friend to look into a possible location Welles might have rented. They find the house and head in to rescue Nina and David.

Unfortunately, they are outnumbered so they have to get creative. David agrees to return the money as Magnum and Katsumoto realize they are running out of time.

Katsumoto confronts the gang and impersonates the police, lying that they are surrounded. The plan fails but luckily Magnum saves the day. The family is happily reunited and Childs scolds Katsumoto for impersonating the police. Later, Magnum admits that he wanted to distract Katsumoto from his hearing.

At the end of the day, Magnum and Higgins update each other on their cases. Kumu wonders why the dogs are no longer attacking Magnum. Higgins spots the necklace T.C. found under Magnum’s bed and says it is hers. T.C. and Rick start suspecting Magnum and Higgins are dating.

The Episode Review

It took them long enough to realize that Magnum and Higgins are dating. I can’t wait for them to try and get further evidence. I think it is adorable that they are all into Magnum and Higgins dating. They are shipping them hard and I am sure they will be supportive of their relationship.

It was interesting to see Magnum and Katsumoto working together though. As always, they make a dynamic duo and hopefully, they can work another case together. The same applies to Kumu and Higgins, they always work well with each other.

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