Magnum P.I. – Season 5 Episode 4 “NSFW” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Magnum P.I. Season 5 starts with Magnum meeting with Katsumoto and discussing Captain Buck’s death. Magnum suspects Hadid’s associates and Katsumoto questions why the blowback is coming 7 years later.

Magnum asks him for a favour, to find a copy of Captain Buck’s homicide report. Katsumoto is reluctant as his hearing is in two weeks and he can’t risk getting in trouble at the moment. Magnum understands Latsumoto’s situation and leaves.

At the mansion, Kumu checks in on Rick and his adorable baby. Rick is excited to spend the day with his kid and seeing his one of his sisters, Ruthie. Ruthie is flying in to meet her niece and Rick thinks she wants something too.

On the other hand, Magnum calls T.C. to inform him that Katsumoto cant help them. T.C. is already busy beefing up his security and adding more surveillance cameras. He fails to tell his girlfriend that he is in danger and plays it cool.  She only realizes it later when T.C. seems on edge during their date.

T.C. comes clean about having a target on his back, so she asks him to trust her more. She also helps him install more surveillance cameras around his place.

Magnum and Higgins leave to meet a new client. Higgins thinks that Magnum should sit this case out but he insists on working. They meet Jordan Hines, the CEO of a clean energy company. He is in the middle of fighting a hostile takeover by a hedge fund and one of his employees, Sandra is missing. Sandra is his CFO and is needed for an important meeting. According to Jordan, she has been missing for the past four houses.

Magnum and Higgins think Jordan is overthinking but he assures them that Sandra would never miss work, especially at such a crucial time. He tried to locate her through her phone which pinged at her house but no one responded. Magnum decides to check the house and Higgins stays back to interrogate other employees. She is worried about Magnum’s safety but he assures her that he will be fine.

Higgins first speaks to the janitor, Will, who paints Sandra as a good woman and boss. She investigates Sandra’s office and finds out that she was shredding some unknown documents.

Magnum is anxious about the impending attack but doesn’t want to scare Higgins. He finds a one-of-a-kind man’s shirt in Sandra’s room but finds it suspicious as she was supposedly single. He calls the shirt manufacturers and pretends to be a hotel attendant at a resort looking to return the shirt to the client.

He also calls Higgins and informs her of his finding. Higgins is also digging, looking for the papers Sandra shredded in the bin. She instead finds blood and upon further investigation, finds Sandra’s dead body.

The police arrive and Childs is the detective working the case. They fill him in on what they have discovered so far, giving their condolences to Jordan, and ask about the shredded documents. Jordan asks them to continue with the case and find Sandra’s killer. They share that they suspect that someone in the office might have killed her, and they soon realize that she’s received a strange package from the hedge fund CEO, Bentley, just hours before her death.

In the meantime, Ruthie arrives and is warmly welcomed by Rick. She excitedly meets her niece. Rick is surprised that she booked a room at the four seasons. It turns out his sister is not there to ask a favour but to tell him that she has a stable life and is planning on getting married.

Rick is happy and apologizes for judging her harshly. They reminisce about the old days and the trouble they got into. Ruthie tells him more about her partner. Rick is shocked that Ruthie is gay but he is fully accepting. He is however disappointed that she didn’t tell him.

After talking to Kumu, he realizes that he has no reason to get angry with Ruthie for not letting him know. He later throws her a party to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. She, in turn, asks him to walk her down the aisle.

Magnum and Higgins meet with Bentley and ask him about the package. Bentley tries to play coy and they push him hard. Bentley admits that he was trying to poach Sandra but she turned him down. Bentley denies having anything to do with Sandra’s death and without evidence, they are left no choice but to leave him be.

Magnum receives a call from the shirt manufacturers and is surprised that the shirt belongs to Jordan. They visit him at his house and wonder why he lied about his affair with  Sandra.  Jordan’s wife seems sad about Sandra’s passing and clueless about the affair. Jordan admits that he had an affair but he has a solid alibi. He is angry that they suspect him and fire them.

Magnum and Higgins believe his innocent but they find it suspicious that his home security feed was deleted minutes after they left the house. Magnum suggests they tell Childs everything they have found. Childs tells them that the case is closed as they have already arrested Will, the janitor.

Magnum and Higgins express that they think Childs has arrested the wrong man but he tells them that Will wrote a check to himself after Sandra’s body was discovered. There is also a murder weapon and the victim’s blood on his utility cart. He was also alone with Sandra the night she died.

They ask Childs to allow them to talk to Will. Will admits to writing the cheque and explains that Sandra owed her money. According to Will,  he heard two women arguing and they start to suspect Jordan’s wife. They corner Jordan’s wife and ask her about the affair. She knew about all of Jordan’s affairs but she had resigned to the fate of being married to a philandering man. Jordan’s wife denies killing Sandra and warns them to keep their distance.

Magnum and Higgins go back to investigating the person who deleted the home security feed. They start suspect Jordan’s daughter of killing Sandra. They agree to go back to the house to speak to Zoe. They arrive to find the police arresting Jordan for the murder.

Once again, Childs is exhausted to learn that Magnum and Higgins think he arrested the wrong guy. He tells them that Jordan called the police and confessed everything.

Childs allows Magnum and Higgins to interrogate Jordan and asks him to confess the truth. Jordan blames himself for hurting his family and wants to take the fall for his daughter. He refuses to cooperate and dares them to find evidence to state otherwise. Unfortunately, the evidence is long gone and Jordan knows they can’t prove Zoe did it. The silver lining is that Will is set free.

At the end of the day, Magnum receives a text from Katsumoto asking him to meet. Katsumoto gives him the files he requested and asks him to keep his involvement confidential. The episode ends with Rick’s friends meeting Ruthie and having fun at the party.

The Episode Review

It was great to see Rick and his sister get closer and have an even better relationship. Rick leaving had a great impact on Ruthie and affected their relationship. Sadly, Rick only found out recently but Kumu set his head straight.  Thank God for Kumu, she is a wise lady who always helps.

It is a bit infuriating that Zoe gets away with murder though. I don’t think taking a fall for your murderous child is great parenting!

Seeing T.C. and his girlfriend was great though, and I wish we could see more about them. The writers have been neglecting T.C.’s love life for so long and it’s quite disappointing because they make such a cute couple.

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