Magic for Humans: Spain – Netflix Season 1 Review

Season 1

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Time Flies
Paces of Life
Love is in the Air
Everything is a Lie
Tunnel of Terror


Magic For Humans: Spain is a fun, vibrant and distinctly Spanish spin on a tried and tested formula that’s worked so well on the small screen over the years. Much like Dynamo, David Blaine and many others, Magic For Humans sees our magician (in this case Mago Pop) speaking to real people out in the street and wowing them with his tricks. It’s a simple set-up in truth but one that’s enhanced by the distinctly themed episodes.

The series wastes absolutely no time getting right into the magic either, with a blend of big and small tricks across each 20 minute bitesize episode. For those who have never seen this sort of show before, Magic For Humans follows a pretty rigid structure across each episode.

Here, these see Mago Pop wandering around Barcelona, speaking to different members of crowds and wowing them with his tricks. These bursts of magic range from levitation, card tricks and simple sleight of hand moments but are done in a way that feel original thanks to those aforementioned themes. For the most part though, these tricks are well-worked and will almost certainly leave you scratching your head, wondering quite how they were achieved.

The first episode explores hobbies before everything from the concepts of time and love crescendo into a really impressive final showcase looking closely at fear. At the end of every episode is a reflective monologue, used beautifully to tie everything together at the end.

The show has a great vibrancy too, and Mago’s charisma and easygoing attitude really helps drive this series forward. This is a light, breezy, magic-themed romp that throws in every trick of the book.

The magic is admittedly really well done and while not a wholly original concept, Magic For Humans: Spain successfully brings this popular Netflix series to the beautiful city of Barcelona. If you’re a fan of magic, this one’s definitely worth checking out.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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