Maggie Lindemann – Suckerpunch | Album Review

Track Listing

intro /welcome in
take me nowhere
she knows it
casuality of your dreams
self sabotage
i’m so lonely with you
break me!
girl next door
we never even dated
you’re not special
hear me out
how could you do this to me?


Walking through a daze can cause major distress. Breaking down when there’s no chance of calmness or a place to rest for a minute can cause the heart to belt, and it feels that it’s going to combust.

Singer/songwriter Maggie Lindemann knows too well the challenges that life throws and the way life can change rapidly without warning. But as the dust tries to settle, the musician creates songs which detail shattered hope and broken dreams. She’s on the edge at all times, singing with great range, and an honesty which doesn’t lose momentum.

Suckerpunch is a record describing dirty rooms full of empty bottles of beer, and stale smoke, which swirls around plenty of sleeping people who are dreaming of better days. These people will then wake, with hangovers from the depths of hell, and a thirst which will not go away. Maggie Lindemann would probably be the one trying to clean up the mess while singing at the top of her lungs.

The record has many hooks, many dramatic interludes, and Lindemann’s voice has reason. The instrumental parts are all intricately weaved, and the star of the show are those lyrics. Lindemann has a knack of designing sequences which go against the grain, but spark relevance. She’s certainly on the top of her game with this release. And while she seems enraged by a snapping relationship, she’s still invigorated and ready for a war.

There are 15 songs here in total, with ‘casualty of your dreams’ starting with a bang. The electronic sounds interconnect with Lindemann’s sharp vocals. She screams out in that engaging chorus, and she looks for some honesty amidst the murk.

Meanwhile, ‘phases’ is a pop song, and a track rattling to be heard. Lindemann hooks us in with sincerity, but it begins to fade and she starts to become disengaged.

‘Novocaine’ by comparison is loud, and Lindemann sings elegantly though, and then her voice rises. She’s such an adept vocalist, and it’s on full show here. The story goes on, and Lindemann can’t fight against the temptation, as she conjures up dark memories.

Maggie Lindemann shows her anger on Suckerpunch. Her vocals are supreme, and the lyrics she has written are worthy of being in a blockbuster novel that conveys tension and honesty.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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