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Episode 4 of Maestra: Strings of Truth begins with a teary Se-um congratulating Phil since he always wanted kids. He tells A-jin to leave as he needs time to think and she is furious. Se-eum celebrates the completion of the new piece by handing Phil the divorce papers. 

Meanwhile, the chairs doubt Se-eum but Ru-na trusts that a concert will happen. The new personal assistant Kim Tae-ho is fascinated by the hallway sink for violin players and she is amused.

As for the kidnapping, Jeong-jae brings in Bong-joo’s father, an assemblyman. He threatens to pull his funding for the reelection which naturally has the father beating up Bong-joo and locking him. The next day, Jeong-jae is busy golfing but he cannot get Se-eum out of his mind. His friend, Han-gil snitches to Jeong-jae’s ex-wife, Yoo-ra that he is obsessed with Se-eum.

In a flashback, Ru-na overhears A-jin and Phil arguing after the concert confrontation. A-jin takes a sick leave and Ru-na visits her to give her the new score.

Mr. Cha eats dinner with Se-eum and tries to convince her to visit her mother but she is quiet. Meanwhile, the mother keeps thinking about Se-eum and wants to see her. She suddenly whispers that she should have killed her.

A concert date is fixed, rehearsals begin and Hanphil promotes the new piece. In an interview, Se-eum claims that it is a romantic piece full of warm feelings and that Phil is the perfect partner. The promo is a success and concert tickets are almost sold out. A-jin sees the piece is called ‘Sunflower’ and recalls Phil gifting Se-eum sunflowers after the outdoor concert. She screams and tears it up.

Tae-ho is driving Se-eum to work when there is a car crash. The woman who crashed into them turns out to be A-jin.

At the hospital, Se-eum tries to leave but Jeong-jae, Tae-ho, Phil and Mr. Cha are there, fretting over her broken arm. As for A-jin, she has minor injuries but is alone. While leaving, Jeong-jae picks a fight with Phil, claiming Se-eum got hurt because of him. He is confused and Jeong-hae reveals A-jin as the culprit.

An angry Phil storms over to A-jin who is happy to see him. However, he accuses her of trying to kill Se-eum. She is upset that he doesn’t care about her or the kid. He says he doesn’t and that he will simply support the child. She cries as she tells him to leave.

Se-eum is at risk of inheriting her mother’s genetic disease but refuses when Mr. Cha tries to get her tested. As for the concert, she tempts Assistant Oh to conduct the rehearsals by flattering him. Hye-jeong stops Se-eum from working and brings her a meal but is confused as to why Phil isn’t there.

Later, A-jin approaches Se-eum to tell her it was an accident. However, Se-eum has more important things like prepping for the concert. This upsets A-jin but after she leaves, Se-eum too looks disturbed.

The doctors tell Jeong-jae that Se-eum refuses to get blood tests done and he wonders why. He recalls a similar situation during their dating days when Se-eum had claimed that it was because she is anaemic. He visits Se-eum’s mother and learns that she has Remington’s Disease and Se-eum has a 50% chance of inheriting it.

A police investigation occurs as a detective reveals that A-jin’s brakes were cut. He questions Se-eum but she takes a defensive stance and claims the dashcam footage should clear her as a suspect.

It is D-Day and the concert begins. Se-eum takes off her cast and gets ready. At the end of Maestra: Strings of Truth episode 4, Jeong-jae confronts her backstage about the disease.

The Episode Review

Maestra: Strings of Truth episode 4 swiftly answers the pressing questions but drops even more obstacles and hurdles for our characters to navigate through. The flashback of the girl being choked must be of the mother trying to kill Se-eum.

It also explains those visions of Se-eum dropping her violin bow, trying to drown and dropping the conductor’s baton. It seems that Yoo-ra will also throw a wrench in Jeong-jae’s plan to get with Se-eum. But why does Ru-na visit A-jin if she is Team Se-eum?

As for A-jin, she may be a homewrecker but we do feel bad for her. Phil is so pathetic he keeps trying to keep both women. But in the end, he will probably lose both if A-jin has some self-respect. Though there must be some bigger game here with whoever messed with A-jin’s car. So far, the K-drama has felt episodic in nature but we just may get the underlying mystery next week that will be the driving force of the story till the end.

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