Maestra: Strings of Truth – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Aftermath

Episode 3 of Maestra: Strings of Truth begins with a flashback of Kim Phil telling A-jin that he will divorce Se-eum soon. Jeong-jae finds out about them and cancels the concert so Se-eum doesn’t find out.

At present, the two couples spot each other and it leads to a confrontation. Se-eum storms off and Jeong-jae stops Phil from following her. However, Se-eum also shakes off Jeong-jae when he tries to follow her.

A-jin chooses that moment to ask if Phil is ever going to leave Se-eum but he simply runs off to find Se-eum who is drinking in some bar. A heartbroken Se-eum thinks back to the time he had proposed to her when they were young. She blacks out and Jeong-jae takes care of her while telling Phil to back off when he calls her phone for the umpteenth time.

On waking up, Se-eum goes home to get her things with Phil trying to patch things up. However, he ruins it by accusing her of sleeping with Jeong-jae. Meanwhile, Mr. Cha visits his wife who wants to see Se-eum. He says that she will visit soon but refrains from calling Se-eum.

At work, a cocky A-jin tries to lord over Se-eum but she is put down instantly. Se-eum simply tells her to leave personal issues at home which annoys A-jin. During rehearsal, she tries to question Se-eum’s teaching method but the conductor shuts A-jin down again. Outside, it is revealed that Phil is Hanphil’s chief composer and hasn’t composed in 3 years. Jeong-jae wants to fire him but Phil quits in advance.

In a flashback, one of the members, Kim Bong-joo is busy getting high in the stairwell after the concert when he spots A-jin and Phil kissing. He shoots them and leaks the photo online. 

At present, Phil’s students boycott him while UC Financial, Jeong-jae’s company want to dump Hanphil due to the scandal. He refuses to budge and promises to handle the media.

However, before he can do much, Se-eum does an interview with a prominent news channel and declares that the photo is manipulated. She and Phil will premiere a new piece together. While watching the news, A-jin throws up. A shocked Jeong-jae confronts Se-eum but ends up threatening her. If she doesn’t have a new piece ready by next week, he will close down Hanphil. She smirks as it won’t happen.

Se-eum tells Phil that he needs to take responsibility for the mess and provokes him by asking if he is a useless musician along with being a cheater. Unfortunately, Phil struggles to compose. Se-eum points out that he always runs off when things get hard. She vents on the piano and they start working together on a piece. 

Meanwhile, Bong-joo is annoyed as the video of A-jin and Phil was removed before it could even be uploaded. While walking home, he is abducted by Jeong-jae. But the businessman doesn’t have to do much as Bong-joo accidentally lets it slip that he is the one who leaked the photo.

After a successful session, Phil tries to bond with Se-eum but a pregnant A-jin shows up with an ultrasound scan and tells him to decide at the end of Maestra: Strings of Truth episode 3.

The Episode Review

Maestra: Strings of Truth episode 3 is even more dramatic than the premiere week and we are enjoying every second of it. Love how A-jin keeps giving Se-eum the side eye but she just doesn’t care. Well, she does but she doesn’t show it. However, we may feel a little bad for A-jin if Phil abandons her after learning she is pregnant.

As for Bong-joo, his action seems to have played out in Se-eum’s favour but we wonder how long before his next impulsive decisions bring much more disastrous consequences.

By the way, Se-eum and Jeong-jae have some real chemistry even though their relationship is super toxic. It would be explosive if they got together but doubt they will be endgame. Funny how Jeong-jae constantly wants to be Se-eum’s knight in shining armour but she thwarts him at every turn. Yes, she is a damsel and she is in distress but she is her own knight. 

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