Maestra: Strings of Truth – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Threat

Episode 2 of Maestra: Strings of Truth begins with Se-eum pretending not to know Jeong-jae and he plays along. A flashback shows him saving her life from drowning when they were teens. She had been ungrateful and they had bickered. At present, Jeong-jae’s ex-wife shows up and he is annoyed. He understands Se-eum’s predicament and decides to try another method.

Member No Ba-ha who is friends with Kim Phil tells him about Jeong-jae’s fire alarm stint. Phil is weirded out as he doesn’t know any Jeong-jae and asks Se-eum who laughs it off. In the car, she sees a Hanphil music sheet and he says it is for his class. As for Se-eum’s mother, she is in a hospital.

At work, Su-jin and her friends pick on Ru-na for being chosen as concertmaster. Se-eum encourages Ru-na to be fearless so no one steps on her or otherwise she should just quit. The conductor then requests Mr. Park to come back as Ru-na’s mentor. Meanwhile, Phil meets with Se-eum’s childhood friend, Hye-jeong who accidentally spills that Se-eum and Jeong-jae dated briefly 20 years ago.

Park returns to Hanphil but everyone is annoyed with Ru-na as concertmaster. She tells them to give her a chance and unapologetically leads the orchestra. As practice continues, Phil stops by and watches fondly. He brings gifts for the members but his eye is on the fire alarm. The chairs gossip as they all like Phil and hate the fact that he and Se-eum look happily married. However, Drummer Yo-sub changes his mind as she brings back Park and is in fact talented.

At home, Hye-jeong wonders if something is up with Se-eum and Phil but she doesn’t say anything. Her father makes a baton for her first performance with Hanphil and Se-eum looks worried.

Jeong-jae shows up at her office and declares that he has bought the orchestra and is now the chairman. He has done all this for her attention as he hasn’t forgotten her even though they only dated for 3 years. And the catch is that he wants her back.

There is a flashback of them partying, going on rides and fighting. However, they break up when he tears her application to conducting school because she said she hated music. The last thing he says is that she cannot leave as he saved her which means her life is his but she walks off. 

At present, he hangs around her but she avoids him. When his friend asks him about his motives, he says it is because he is angry. The next day, he calls Hanphil boring and cancels their upcoming concert. When she confronts him alone, he reveals that till she gets a divorce, he will keep cancelling all Hanphil concerts.

In their suite, Phil tries to cheer Se-eum by cooking. Her vision distorts for a second and he asks if they should go back to USA but she refuses. Before the chairs can protest she calls for an impromptu concert at the Art Centre Square with her own money. It is livestreamed and the concert is a success.

Phil brings Se-eum flowers and Jeong-jae concedes defeat for the moment. He acknowledges that she is a worthy opponent but he will not give up. She suddenly gets a text from Member A-jin to meet inside. However, in the stairwell, she sees A-jin and Phil kissing. Jeong-jae, who was following Se-eum, tells her not to look at the end of Maestra: Strings of Truth episode 2.

The Episode Review

Maestra: Strings of Truth episode 2 is as wild and unpredictable as the premiere episode. This K-drama is not holding back even though it has just started. There are tons of revelations which just lead to more plot twists. It seems that the woman we thought was Se-eum’s sister is Hye-jeong, her childhood friend. Se-eum is an only child and there is some rift between her and her mother who is in the hospital.

Kim Phil’s affair is revealed though we all thought he was getting with the loud bully, Su-jin rather than the quiet and kind A-jin. Jeong-jae is almost like an obsessive maniac with his childish whims and orders. However, there is more than what meets the eye when he genuinely looks upset on Se-eum’s behalf at the end of the episode. But she is not one to back down when injustice is done, so only time will tell how she will deal with her husband. 

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