Maestra: Strings of Truth – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Symptoms

Episode 10 of Maestra: Strings of Truth begins with Se-eum recalling all the nice things Jeong-jae did for her. She also remembers him saying he hates that she rejects his help but he cannot stop worrying. She confronts him about Tae-ho and he instantly accepts while apologising. When she asks about the poisoning, he is confused. She leaves saying she was a fool for trusting him. Tae-ho checks in on Ru-na but she tells him never to call her again. 

At the hospital, Se-eum is told that she has Scotilla-min poisoning. Its symptoms are similar to Remington’s. There is no cure and it has to leave her body naturally. She sees Ru-na who tells her not to report to the police. If it is Jeong-jae, they won’t investigate properly.

As Se-eum thinks, a flashback shows her receiving drinks from Assistant Hwang, Park, A-jin and Tae-ho. When she first landed, Phil also bought her tea so she could cut down on coffee. She takes the teabags to get tested for poison and then moves in with her father. 

Meanwhile, Phil tells his lawyer to continue to stall the proceedings as he will declare Se-eum incompetent and get guardianship. The lawyer says he needs a certificate along with her consent. He recalls her being pliable while drunk and smiles.

At Hanphil, an upset A-jin walks off as Ru-na convinces everyone to help get Se-eum back. They arrive at Cha’s shop and say they will wait for her no matter what. The next day, they are all happy to see her back. But Se-eum reveals to Sang-do that she will only be with them till the next concert, it will be her last. A-jin tries to mock her and she says she should focus on herself.

Tae-ho apologises for spying on Se-eum and gives her his resignation. He also apologises to Ru-na but she walks off. After work, Jeong-jae tells Se-eum he did not poison her and wants to help find the culprit. But she doesn’t care and says she will handle it on her own. As for A-jin, she tells her unborn baby that she will do anything for it.

Meanwhile, Phil meets with Se-eum’s doctor, Dr. Woo for the guardianship and she accidentally lets it slip that Se-eum was tested and the results are not out yet. Dr. Woo immediately calls Se-eum as something did not feel right with Phil – he insisted that he should get the results first. 

Not one to back down, Jeong-jae tells the police chief to investigate. Detective Chu overhears and demands to be put on the case since he knows the most about all the incidents linked to her.

At Hanphil, the chairs notice A-jin’s appearance and she confirms she is pregnant. Noh tries to ask Phil if he is the father but the latter is furious over the reveal. He confronts A-jin as their affair is supposed to be a secret. He tells her to leave the country. She refuses and snaps back that he will pay if he comes in her way. 

As for the poison results, it is negative but Se-eum is told that it could also be in non-edible liquids like perfume. Phil gifted her the perfume that uses. He, on the other hand, is holding an interview which shows him as the perfect husband. At that moment, KVN drops the exclusive of the divorce and releases the trailer for the documentary.

Enraged, Phil physically stops her in front of everyone at rehearsal but she is calm. As he walks off, A-jin tries to mock him. He lashes out at her instead, pointing out that he can sue for custody if she doesn’t listen to him. She is upset, and while she fills the child’s baby journal at home, it shows she is blood type B.

Chu interviews Se-eum and tells her the suspect is most likely a female with blood type B and not her husband. However, Jeong-jae is eavesdropping and hears her say she has evidence that Phil poisoned her and it could be more than one person targeting her. At the end of Maestra: Strings of Truth Episode 10, someone lures Phil to the waterfront and then injects him.

The Episode Review

Maestra: Strings of Truth Episode 10 is turning into a full-blown crime thriller with multiple suspects and false leads. The poison testing rules out Ru-na and A-jin which means Phil is behind the poisoning. But he wouldn’t kill Bong-ju or mess with A-jin’s brakes. And while the next episode teaser suggests A-jin is the prime suspect, she may fake the car accident but why would she kill Bong-ju?

Then there’s the person who attacked Phil. While he is getting what he deserves, who is the attacker? The most obvious answer seems to be Jeong-jae, but if it was him, his face would be shown. Plus the person’s gait is an awkward shuffle when they run away from Phil, quite different from Jeong-jae’s confident walk. So, while we have some answers, we have a whole new sub-plot for the final week of the K-drama, and we will definitely be tuning in! 

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