Mad For Each Other – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Run Away

Episode 6 of Mad for Each Other picks up in the apartment block as that eerie motorcycle-helmet wearing guy walks past Min-Kyung and Hwi-Oh. With a cape draped over his shoulders, he heads in to see his kids donning the persona of ladle-man. Realizing how bad Min-Kyung’s paranoia actually is, Hwi-Oh invites her over for lunch the following day and promises to teach her self-defence.

Well, night turns to day and the pair head out to the park together. Hwi-Oh acts as a drill instructor, making sure Min-Kyung is up to scratch and teaching her a variety of different moves.

After a big day together, the pair head to the convenience store where Su-Hyun hands over some food for Hwi-Oh. Tellingly, these happen to be chocolates with love hearts on them. She even tells him to drop the honorifics too.

Eventually the trio head out to eat ice creams together, where Min-Kyung hounds Hwi-Oh over the police and how they tell victims to settle. When Su-Hyun heads back in to deal with a customer, Hwi-Oh and Min-Kyung start walking home together. Only, the former receives a call and apologizes, telling Min-Kyung he has to go.

Hwi-Oh meets back up with the detectives and discusses the case involving Yang. Specifically, he deliberates over whether there could be a reason why they’ve been unable to catch Yang. Could it be that the police have aligned themselves with Yang?

Anyway, after his reunion he meets back up with Sang-Yeob who’s now going by the name of Samantha. As they walk together, Min-Kyung notices them from afar. Samantha decides they should make her jealous and they walk away with their arms linked. Min-Kyung believes this is why he left earlier in the day and tries not to feel too jealous.

Eventually Hwi-Oh catches up with Min-Kyung and tells her he’s definitely not dating their neighbour. She keeps up a good front until she turns her back to Hwi-Oh. A smile crosses her face.

Later that day she receives some post that shatters her world. It’s from the Seoul District Office but her address is listed on the document. Given her past, it’s hardly surprising she’s feeling this way and believes her ex is out to get her.

However, the neighbourhood watch calls a meeting which sees all the different residents gathering together to think of a new name for the apartment complex. Min-Kyung gets fully invested in this too, but only because she wants to run away and leave the apartment.

Back home, a very anxious Min-Kyung notices Howi barking near the door. Tentatively she looks through the keyhole and notices a shadowy man wearing black and a cap, trying to get into her apartment.

The Episode Review

Mad For Each Other delivers its best episode so far, with some genuinely good laughs and a lot of wit throughout. Flickers of romance are starting to glimmer through too, as Hwi-Oh and Min-Kyung grow closer together.

It’s a really nice dynamic between the two and it’s obvious that Hwi-Oh is starting to be more sympathetic to Min-Kyung’s  anxiety and paranoia. This culminates in a big shock at the end, right off the back of her address being labeled on the documents from the district office.

So far Mad For Each Other has been a consistently breezy and well-worked slice of comedy, and that much continues here too. As the relationships grow, so too does the comedy making for a really enjoyable chapter.

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