Mad For Each Other – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

There Are No Bad Boys

Episode 4 of Mad For Each Other sees Min-Kyung on the war path, determined to trash Hwi-Oh’s car until he agrees to help her. Together, they begin looking through the CCTV footage.

They find the dog. It’s in the basket of a child’s bicycle, prompting Min-Kyung to hurry up to the playground and shout at the kids. She thinks about turning and leaving, until she changes her mind and decides to stick around after all.

With thee dog found, Min-Kyung and Hwi-Oh begin their promise with both of them avoiding each other However, Min-Kyung refuses to switch doctors. Instead, she compromises and decides to change her times so they don’t bump into one another.

Hwi-Oh is on the up, feeling good about his current situation and believing things are going to get better. For Min-Kyung, she still feels anxious but settles on raising her dog. She even names him Howi – which means Guardsman in Korean.

Kim In-Ja soon comes knocking for Hwi-Oh though, requesting his assistance for the neighbourhood watch. Hwi-Oh refuses though, claiming he needs to meet his former partner Jung U-Jin. Their conversation is cut short when a parcel arrives…but it turns out to be for Min-Kyung. It’s a stun gun! He, of course, gives it back before heading out to visit his partner.

Taking a deep breath, Hwi-Oh looks through the door and notices that his partner is still not doing well, especially with the rehab. At the station he finds out that Yang, the man responsible for putting U-Jin in hospital, is currently operating a drug dealing scam via a chat app.

Going by the alias of Ice Princess, Hwi-Oh infiltrates the group. Although he manages to bag a meeting, he realizes he needs a woman to see this through. And that woman… is Hwi-Oh himself. He’s dressed up with makeup courtesy of the cross-dressing man from the previous episode.

Hwi-Oh meets up with “Mr Stranger” and tries to arrest him for dealing narcotics. Only it turns out he’s clocked a guy out to do the exact same thing. The detectives berate Hwi-Oh for what he’s done, eventually forcing him to walk home.

When he does, Min-Kyung notices him and immediately starts panicking, clutching her chest. After a failed attempt at stunning Hwi-Oh with her stun-gun, Min-Kyung eventually resorts to shouting that Hwi-Oh is a pervert, forcing him to run.

The Episode Review

Mad For Each Other returns this week, tying together the loose ends from last week’s trio of episodes into another 30 minutes of comedic drama.

While there’s nothing particularly outstanding here, the show is definitely watchable and it brings out some intriguing ideas through its two central characters. The idea of Hwi-Oh going undercover like this gives nods to the neighbourhood watch situation we saw in the previous chapter, tying everything together nicely.

There’s a light, breezy energy to a lot of the material here, which is interesting because the overall theme around not judging a book by its cover is a consistent motif that works surprisingly well here.

Either way, this episode ends on a good cliffhanger, leaving the door wide open for tomorrow’s follow-up.

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