Mad For Each Other – K-Drama Episode 13 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

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Episode 13 of Mad for Each Other begins with Hwi-Oh receiving a tip-off about Yan. A delivery driver has spotted him at the factory and now it’s Hwi-Oh’s turn for revenge. He storms in and arrests Yang, bundling him in the back of a police car. With him captured, Hwi-Oh turns his attention to Min-Kyung. She’s off signing the agreement with Seon-Ho regarding the assault.

At the coffee house, he drops to his knees and begs her for forgiveness. He’s also hoping for them to get back together. Seon-Ho claims he was on the verge of divorcing his partner to be with her. He tries to pass off his abuse but Min-Kyung is a stronger person now and stands up to him. She refuses to be swayed by this, accepting his apology but unable to actually forgive him. Only…something is wrong.

As Min-Kyung doubles over and holds the table, it turns out Seon-Ho has spiked her drink. Hwi-Oh follows in hot pursuit, eventually managing to stop Seon-Ho on the road. Seon-Ho tries to get away and hitch a a ride with Team Leader Kim. Only, he’s immediately put in handcuffs after this.

Min-Kyung meanwhile, is taken into hospital alongside Hwi-Oh for treatment. While Hwi-Oh is recovering, Min-Kyung shows up and comforts him, repeating the same conversation they had just before they kissed for the first time. It’s here Hwi-Oh hands over the silver whistle necklace as a present, and helps tie it around her neck.

As night turns to day, Hwi-Oh hurries to find Min-kyung but she’s packed up her things and left. He chases down the delivery truck she’s in but it’s no good. She’s decided she’s not going to date or be in a relationship anymore and walks away.

As she does, Hwi-Oh loses his temper and looks set to kick off in a big way. Eventually though he tells her he loves her and the two reconcile their differences.

Although she doesn’t live at the apartment complex anymore, everything else is nicely resolved here. The drug dealer incident is wrapped up while Min-Kyung’s ex is long gone. Howi is left with Hwi-Oh.

While they sit together, the sound of a whistle outside rings through. It’s Min-Kyung! She shows back up looking much brighter and happier than before.

The Episode Review

Ah, what a heartwarming, safe and solid ending! Mad for Each other bows out with a smile from our two protagonists as they’ve both overcome their mental health hurdles and found solace in each other.

The way both of them have managed to learn to live on their own at the end is a nice touch too. Of course, we did get the toxicity just before that with Hwi-Oh’s shouting but it’s all there to provide context for what follows after.

I said before that this show was going to have a hard time bowing everything out while wrapping up all the big plot points but to be honest it does a really good job here.

Yes, the finale is a little rushed and could have done with more fleshing out, but both Yang and Min-Kyung’s ex issues are both resolved in a satisfying way.

The ending certainly makes the likelihood of a second season very unlikely. Despite that, the ending perfectly wraps everything up, leaving a warm, fuzzy feeling for when the final credits roll round!

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