Mad For Each Other – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

Love That Didn’t Hurt Too Much

Episode 12 of Mad For Each Other begins with Hwi-Oh returning home to find his ex waiting for him. She’s getting married soon to an accountant, but she’s there just to finalize their divorced. She abandoned him when Hwi-Oh needed her the most, and that’s why she disappeared.

Hwi-Oh can see through her tough exterior and knows she’s not fully happy. However, he does wish her well though. This then catches us up to the previous episode.

Min-Kyung heads back to her apartment, heartbroken that Hwi-Oh’s ex-wife is back. When Hwi-Oh heads over to see her, Min-Kyung is a mess and it’s only exacerbated by the issues with Hwi-Oh’s ex returning. However, he heads into her apartment and hugs her tightly, reassuring her that it’s going to be okay and Howi will survive. He also exhibits concerns that her ex is involved. On the back of this though, Min-Kyung kicks him out the apartment.

At the vets, Howi is on the mend. Min-Kyung heads in to see him to make sure he’s okay. At the same time, Hwi-Oh checks out the CCTV footage and notices a shadowy figure roaming around the parking lot. Now he knows that she wasn’t making it up. Her ex is stalking her.

Eventually Hwi-Oh tracks down Seon-Ho and loses his temper. He strikes the man repeatedly, blinded by rage. When Min-Kyung notices what he’s doing, she hurries up to stop him but he shrugs her off, knocking the girl to the ground in the process. As she sports a cut across her cheek, Min-Kyung starts to scream.

Unfortunately it gets worse for Hwi-Oh when Seon-Ho decides to sue for assault. Won-Cheol speaks to Hwi-Oh separately and tells him to apologize. If he doesn’t, then his reinstatement will go out the window.

That doesn’t matter to Hwi-Oh now though. His real concern comes from Min-Kyung. And specifically how she’s pushed him away because of his anger.

Symbolically, Min-Kyung drops off her box of things by his door and takes off. When she does, Hwi-Oh apologizes but it’s no good. Min-Kyung ends things with him. Hwi0-Oh chases after her but she drives off in a taxi, unwilling to look back.

The Episode Review

Mad for each other is surely going to get a second season right? There’s so many unresolved plot points here that it makes it difficult to see how everything is going to be resolved and wrapped up.

You’ve got Seon-Ho ‘s singing subplot, the drug dealer, Min-Kyung’s abusive ex and more that are still roaming around without a resolution. I’m not sure how one 40 minute episode will do this story justice.

This penultimate episode does a good job ramping up the drama though. Hwi-Oh’s ex causes all sorts of problems while Min-Kyung goes through the wars. Will our couple have their happily ever after ending? We’ll have to wait and see!

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