Mad For Each Other – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review


The Gas-Mask Wearing Man

Episode 10 of Mad For Each Other begins with the Women’s Association immediately making their presence felt. They show up and confront Seon-Ho’s Mother. They demand she delete all the posts from online immediately – which she hastily agrees to.

With everything cleared up for now, the ladies head back to see Min-Kyung and reveal the good news. While they talk though, Joo-Ri starts drinking more, prompting In-Ja to call her out for her excessive drinking.

Speaking of which, Min-Kyung gets blind drunk and begins blowing a whistle, telling the women that they’re insanely funny as they take her home. On the way though, Hwi-Oh comes running out to check up on Min-Kyung. Seeing how drunk she is, he believes the women were hazing her.

However, this soon changes when Min-Kyung points out the Women’s Association are crazier than she is, showcasing their flaws in front of them. Hwi-Oh eventually takes Min-Kyung back to her apartment, where she continues to blow her whistle while lying in bed.

It turns out she’s missing Hwi-Oh urgently, hence the whistle blowing. And just like that, Hwi-Oh comes knocking. However, Min-Kyung soon falls asleep midway through Hwi-Oh talking.

As he gets closer to her, admiring the curves across her face, she suddenly awakens. She tells him to do what he’s about to do…and leans forward to kiss him! Kissing soon leads to so much more though, as Howi high-tails it out the room as things get hot and heavy.

Meanwhile, Min-Kyung’s Mother visits thee shaman and hears some cryptic information about her daughter. It’s pretty funny watching her dance around the truth, but eventually it gives her enough to think about as she leaves.

Elsewhere, Hwi-O awakens early and starts cooking food for Min-Kyung. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. It’s the Women’s Association again! Hwi-Oh quickly rushes into the bedroom to hide though.

Although they manage to get rid of the women, the trio actually eavesdrop behind the door and overhear the pair together. They giggle like schoolgirls and take off as they realize the pair are together.

That evening, Min-Kyung and Hwi-Oh head out for their neighbourhood watch. Min-Kyung immediately gets into the groove and even rushes into an abandoned building alone to investigate. However, once there she notices a gas-mask wearing man standing in front of her. Oh no!

The Episode Review

So who could the gas-mask wearing fiend be inside the apartment building do we think? My money is on Hwi-Oh.

Beyond that though, this episode finally sees a turning point for our characters as Min-Kyung and Hwi-Oh share their first kiss and get hot and heavy together. It’s a really sweet segment too, one that’s been building for a while and finally gets a satisfying pay-off.

That’s to say nothing of the Women’s Association either, who play up the supporting role in this drama to perfection. It’s goods to see more of the women and their interactions with Min-Kyung, helping her stop the comments online.

With a big cliffhanger and lots left unresolved, everything hangs precariously in the balance as the series looks set to deliver an exciting finish for the final few episodes.

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