Made In Heaven Season 2 Review – Continues to superficially address social issues amidst a glitzy backdrop

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Mirror mirror on the wall
Beauty and the beast
And they lived happily ever after
Love story
The heart skipped a beat
Warrior princesses
A taste of heaven

Having barely survived in season 1, Made In Heaven Season 2 begins with Tara and Karan now in a hell of their own making as they have to work with their debt collector Jauhari. With their company, Made In Heaven’s reputation taking a hit due to their personal lives, the duo struggle to stay afloat while navigating low-scale bourgeois weddings and Jauhari’s rigid money-making mindset.

On top of it, Tara has become an outcast due to her separation from Adil while her desire to move on romantically may affect her divorce. As for poor Karan, his chronically-ill mother has yet to come to terms with his sexual orientation but time seems to be running out.

Lead actress Sobhita Dhulipala still needs to work on showing more emotion than a log floating in the water. Furrowed brows and pouting would not take a real-life Tara anywhere, especially in Delhi. Thankfully for us, Arjun Mathur and Shashank Arora as Karan and Kabir respectively, keep the show engaging and as realistic as they can with the preachy episodic plots.

The newest addition, the iconic Mona Singh as Mrs. Jauhari brings the comic relief that is sorely missing with a shocking twist at the end that no one can predict. And credit where credit is due, the rest of the ensemble cast have also kicked it up a notch, all pulling their weight and doing their best to tie the many mini-sub plots with the overarching riches-to-rags-to-riches tale of the wedding company, Made In Heaven.

While they may be difficult to keep track of and also a little boring at times (really sorry Jazz but you just are not that interesting), the directors and scriptwriters successfully piece the puzzle together to give us a cohesive Made In Heaven Season 2. The structure is the same as in season 1 and easy to follow, with the introduction of the couple client, their issues and the wedding planners trying to solve them while dealing with their own problems. 

The humour doesn’t really come across. But that’s fine since they are not trying too hard at being funny as the show more often than not teeters on the brink of melodrama. It is simply relatable with the backhanded compliments, the gossip, the typical Indian family ambience and the judgement that oozes without fail during every single wedding held in the country.

The production is still top-notch if not taken a level above the previous season if that was even possible. But they do it. They kind of need to as well. Amidst the glitzy, dazzling lights, gorgeous 10 kg lehengas, bubbly champagne and mini samosas being served on expensive china, Made In Heaven Season 2 continues to tackle some really heavy-weight topics such as colourism, casteism and transphobia…superficially.

It takes on the right balance of addressing everything wrong in Indian society with the spokesperson being a privileged community with rose-tinted glasses who feel better about themselves that they at least took the first step towards change before going back to their over-priced Starbucks and luxury brand outfits.

Or we can look at it as a student cramming for a political science exam and putting up brief solutions for the sake of extra points. Either way, not something a scriptwriter with the scope of 7 episodes should do.

Maybe since this is the Amazon Prime show’s main premise – of trying to cater to the rich and to get them to open their eyes to the sufferings in modern Indian society but leaving it at that without actually showcasing anything of real substance that makes viewers scoff and cringe. But despite it all, the drama and the glamour still make it a fun show to binge-watch on a lazy weekend.

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  • Verdict - 5.5/10

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