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Season 1

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All That Glitters Is Gold
Star Struck Lovers
It’s Never Too Late
The Price Of Love
A Marriage Of Convenience
Something Old, Something New
A Royal Affair
Pride and Bridezilla
The Great Escape



When two people truly love each other, the most sensible thing to do is to marry and forever be joined as one. Of course, in the real world things aren’t always that simple and as Made In Heaven shows us, sometimes it can be outright messy and complicated. Split across 9 episodes, Amazon Prime’s new Indian drama is a humbling but slightly exaggerated look at marriage through the eyes of two wedding planners, Karan and Tara, who grapple with their own issues in their lives.

Having seen my own marriage last a grand total of 5 months I can certainly empathise with some of the stories being told here. Despite an overarching story woven through the series, Made In Heaven plays much closer to stand alone episodes, with each  depicting a different wedding with its own group of characters and problem to solve. At the heart of each conflict are Karan and Tara, two people working as wedding planners for a company called Made In Heaven.

The episodes themselves largely follow the same structure – beginning with an introduction to the betrothed couple, their concern or issue prior to the wedding, ensuing hopelessness and drama followed by the final resolution. Peppered throughout this structure, and making things more complicated are both Karan and Tara’s individual issues affecting their personal lives. While the latter episodes in the season do change the format of the show somewhat, for the most part this structure remains intact throughout.

With a distinctly Indian feel to it, Made In Heaven combines traditional rituals and timeless wedding traditions with a modernized attitude toward love. This oftentimes brings with it a whole set of issues and drama as the two worlds crash and join together, sometimes more chaotically than others. Most of the episodes often end in a flurry of singing and dancing, with some nicely choreographed numbers here giving a real Bollywood feel to the charade. The explosion of colour and music really makes these scenes pop which is mirrored through some decent camera work.

Made In Heaven makes good use of tracking shots throughout the series. Numerous times cameras smoothly move horizontally across the landscape, adding an extra dimension to establishing shots while the various flashbacks featured use the usual array of echoing voices and dreamy, bright colours for effect. They’re little touches but something that definitely helps the series feel authentic and stand out.

Through all the messy drama woven through each episode, there’s something really raw and authentic about Made In Heaven that makes it worth checking out. Seeing two families from different walks of life come together in the face of love is really what makes this show so infectious and keeps you coming back for more. While some may lament the over the top nature some of this is presented and at times the show borders on melodrama, for the most part Made In Heaven is a well produced, decently acted drama showing the best in Indian culture and weddings.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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