Made In Abyss – Season 2 Episode 6 “The Luring” Recap & Review

The Luring

Episode 6 of Made in Abyss Season 2 begins with Riko pondering the decision Belaf bestowed upon her. Before she responds, Majikaja grabs her and says it’s not worth bargaining with Belaf. Nanachi awakens. She tells Riko that she should let her be and continue her journey without her or Mitty. Maa and Majikaja grab hold of Riko and escorts her out of Belaf’s home as she screams and pleads with Nanachi to abandon that decision.

Riko feels defeated as Vueko tries to comfort her. Riko begs Vueko to inform her of a way to save Nanachi from Belaf. Before she can answer, a weird sharpened object penetrates a nearby structure. This alerts Vueko that the Luring has begun. They all follow Vueko to a nearby porch and stare down at a terrifying sight.

It appears a monster has infiltrated Iruburu as the villager desperately tries to take it down. Vueko explains what’s going on to Riko. Apparently, the Luring involves Iruburu’s residents luring a creature from the outside to increase Iruburu’s village’s total value and enrich it. Riko watches as most of the residents get brutally harmed by the beast and fail to defeat it.

Riko has had enough of its antics when she sees it head toward Prushka’s location. Riko decides to leave her worries for Nanachi behind to save Prushka from doom as Majikaja, Vueko, and Maa follow behind her. Thankfully, they reach crab-like Hollow’s jeweler shop, and Riko demands that he give Prushka back to her. We also find out that its name is Poriyoon from Majikaja.

Poriyoon complies and hands Prushka over to Riko. Poriyoon confirms that it has finished working on Prushka’s improvements but couldn’t bring out her value more than it has. Although Riko worries about Poriyoon’s safety, Majikaja states that Poriyoon is the workshop itself. Essentially, he’s forcefully bound to stay in this environment and cannot move.

Riko and the others depart, leaving Poriyoon alone to defend his workshop from the monster. Although Poriyoon gives it a great fight, the liquid monster utterly destroys and digests Poriyoon. As Riko watches in horror, Majikaja confirms he’s seen the monster before. He notes that it was a small creature that underwent a lot of balancing of values but escaped the village before being decimated. It has now acquired a taste for Hollows.

After defeating Poriyoon, the monster heads for the market, but one of the Three Sages named Juroimoh stops it from proceeding. Juromioh takes out its beloved sword and engages the monster in combat. Majikaja notices that Juroimoh’s sword isn’t dealing much damage as it should since it’s supposed to hold ancient power. It’s because Juroimoh is using it in a crowded environment.

Riko asks Majikaja why the other Sages aren’t assisting Juroimoh with the fight. Unless the membrane of the village is affected, Majikaja tells Riko that the other Sages won’t appear. He confirms that Juroimoh likes to tackle creatures on his own.

Meanwhile, the diner shop worker from the last episode approaches Riko and startles her. She confirms that her name is Moogie. Riko’s bewildered to find Moogie wandering about and asks he why she’s not hiding somewhere. Moogie tells Riko that she values the market like a loved one and shows Riko how the other residents feel the same as her.

Meanwhile, Juroimoh appears to be losing the fight against the monster. Riko examines the monster closely and notices it has avoided Juroimoh’s attacks because of its liquid abilities. Riko notices that it utilizes wind to move from place to place. She conjures up a plan with Majikaja and Iruburu’s residents to use its powers against it. They all head to a different location and leave Vueko behind.

Meanwhile, Juroimoh loses to the monster, and Vueko signals to Riko that it’s heading for the market with a flare-like device. Maa alerts Riko of the news as she’s preparing for her big plan to capture the monster. We also get to see Majikaja take on a new agile form. He’s encouraged to do so after receiving a chunk of Riko’s hair as a value offering.

Once the creature heads near them, Riko tempts it by using Majikaja as bait. We then get an exhilarating chase sequence involving Riko, Majikaja, and the liquid monster. They lead the monster to a mist-like substance and jump through the misty portal. The monster doesn’t proceed as he’s confused by its own reflection the mist casts upon it.

Riko signals the residents to ignite the monster while it is distracted. Other residents drop a net on the monster violently toward the ground after the explosion causes it to float into a net. Some even fire wooden pillars and large silver pickaxes to keep the beast tied to the floor.

The monster’s gooey substance dishevels, and the residents swarm Riko in victorious hugs and pats on the head. Moogie walks over to confront Riko regarding her marvellous plan. Riko explains to Moogie how she came up with her scheme and grants the monster its name, “Oogasumi.” Moogie says she misjudged Riko because of her looks but says it’s unfortunate that she cut most of her hair. Riko tells her it’s no big deal.

While everyone is in a cheery mood, the monster starts fidgeting. Riko warns everyone to run as it begins to attack the residents. Before it can attack her, Maa jumps in front of Riko to save her from its clutches. Witnessing the residents – and Maa – cry in pain causes Riko to cry out.

Suddenly, Riko senses Prushka’s presence. Appearing to Riko as a spirit, Prushka tells Riko to use her White Whistle. Riko uses the whistle as many residents, including Maa, become free from Oogasumi’s grasp.

This is all thanks to Reg, who has received a new look that coincides with the colour of Prushka’s new white whistle look. Reg confirms that he heard Riko’s call after she blew the whistle. Before Reg would strike a mighty blow to Oogasumi, Wazukyan arrives. This causes everyone to stop what they’re doing, including Oogasumi. Reg also loses his white-armored colour palette and receives his iconic colours back.

Wazukyan informs Riko and Reg that Fuzosheppu (Oogasumi’s name) is dead and was a nest of monsters that formed into one powerful entity. After sharing those details, Riko asks Wazukyan if he knows a way for them to get Nanachi back. Wazukyan explains that trading Belaf any of Faputa’s parts will be enough to convince him. He leaves them with the thought as Vueko shares some remarks about Wazukyan’s odd composure.

We transition to a new location. Riko fills Reg in on the details regarding Nanachi, Belaf, and the value she needs to attain to get her and Mitty back from him. Reg confirms that he wants to meet with Faputa again. He departs. Once Reg leaves, Riko asks Vueko about Faputa. She reiterates what others have said about her being the embodiment of value. However, she mentions that Faputa is a treasure that many fear.

Before she could explain further, Moogie stops Vueko mid-conversation and questions Vueko about her existence. This is because she and Majikaja have never seen Vueko until now. Before Riko explains everything, Vueko stops her. Vueko informs them about her, the Ganja, and that she was once a part of the Three Sages–before Majikaja and Moogie’s time.

Vueko also shares some insight about Faputa. She admits that she’s never seen Faputa, but she knows Faputa’s desires. She theorizes that time in Iruburu functions differently from the outside world, and she argues that Reg is possibly a former resident of the Golden City. The episode wraps up with one final inner monologue from Vueko discussing her former friend Irumyuui’s desires, memories, and existence while in an egg-like state.

The Episode Review

The sixth episode of Made In Abyss’s second season is one of its best regarding animation, soundtrack, and intensity. It also gives Riko time to shine regarding her incredible cave-raiding intellect and formidable prowess. She’s not the daughter of a famed White Whistle for nothing.

While I adore Reg and Nanachi, it’s great to see Riko get some much-needed time in the spotlight. From the first season to now, she always takes the back seat regarding action-centric situations. This is because she doesn’t have brute strength or endurance like Reg does.

This episode challenged Riko to fight a battle without Reg’s help. It’s a thought-provoking and strategic fight against Fuzosheppu, despite being saved by Reg near the end. I love it when this anime depicts characters like Riko outwitting powerful monstrosities like Fuzosheppu. It shows they’ll need more than brawn to survive in the abyss.

Besides Riko, I adored seeing the residents working together to stop an outside threat. It harkens to Wazukyan’s remarks about the residents, not all being evil at heart. This quote made me appreciate Maa’s sacrificial scene immensely. It shows how his character has come a long way from the greedy, thieving Hollow we saw in episode two.

The only nitpick I have with this episode revolves around Reg and his power boost. It has been a while since the anime touched on a relic’s connection to White Whistles. I feel this episode would’ve benefitted from having a short scene of Ozen recapping her explanation regarding that said topic. It would make Reg’s new form make sense and feel less plot-convenient.

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to seeing what Vueko shares in episode seven. It feels like she’s harboring a vast bit of knowledge regarding Iruburu’s past and Faputa’s origins. I also can’t wait to see how Reg convinces Faputa to spare one of her organs or body parts because there’s no way he’ll be able to get them through mere small talk.

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