Made for Love – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Hazel vs. Hazel

Where is Hazel trapped?

Episode 8 of Made for Love season 2 begins with Hazel wandering through her memories, which are all buried in sand. She’s trapped in her own brain. Eventually, she approaches a lone door. Entering, she finds Herb’s house.

She sees her dad. He’s in her brain, like a manifestation of her consciousness. He says she has to find Other Hazel and overthrow her somehow. Only one of them can come into the real world. Hazel resolves to take her down, and Herb says he’ll go with her.

Hazel sees doors that Herb calls traps–doors of what-ifs. She ignores him and looks through a door where her mom didn’t die. She sees herself graduating and accuses her dad of not encouraging her like her mom would have.

Hazel suddenly sees Other Hazel and chases after her, but she keeps getting distracted by her own memories.

She sees an image of Jay telling fellow FBI agents that he tricked Hazel into having sex with him. She next sees an image of Other Hazel speaking to Hub employees.

Hazel then runs into Byron. He says he never meant any of this to happen. He told Dr. Hau to destroy the chips. She asks him about Alice; she knows he’s hiding something. But then, Other Hazel appears again.

How does Fiffany plan to save Hazel?

At the Hub, Jay, Bennet, Tiffany, and Herringbone find Herb’s body stored in a Gogol capsule, which keeps bodies safe until a better universe has been created for them, which would be the “immortality” Byron promised to all his employees.

Other Hazel goes to talk with Zelda, where Fiffany and Herringbon corner and tranquilize her. Jay and Bennet handle Other Byron.

Fiffany works to figure out how to bring back the real Hazel (and maybe Byron). Bennett mentions that Herringbone sold Fiffany out to Byron.

Fiffany tells Jay she knows Zelda loves him ans asks if he loves her. Hazel seizes before he can answer. Fiffany is losing Hazel, so she has to attempt the extraction now.

Who wins Hazel’s body back? Hazel or Other Hazel?

Hazel follows after Other Hazel in her brain, stepping into a room of mirrors. Her dad disappears. It’s just Other Hazel now.

Other Hazel claims she is Hazel, except without all the baggage. She’s happy in the real world. She’s in love with Bryon. She can do great things with him.

Hazel screams, and the mirrors shatter around her. A door opens up, and they both fight to be the first to exit it. They hold onto each other, rolling through a hill of sand.

Hazel jumps on Other Hazel and starts jumping on her and punching her. Another door appears, leading to the lab. They both run for it. But Other Hazel knocks her down and tries to choke her. She apologizes, saying she loves her. “I will live a wonderful life for us,” Other Hazel says with a smile.

“You’re right,” Hazel says. “You’ll do a better job than I could.” Other Hazel offers her a hand. “I’m proud of you,” she says. “You’re finally making a good choice.

But as Other Hazel turns toward the door, Hazel sticks a shard of glass through her back, and she falls forward. Hazel runs through the door and wakes up in her own body. She cries in Fiffany’s arms.

Does Hazel decide to stay at the Hub?

Later, Hazel lies on Herb’s bed. Fiffany tells her they have his consciousness. They can reverse his death. She says they haven’t brought Byron back either, which is fine by Hazel. She wants him to die.

Fiffany says scans they did during her extraction show that she’s pregnant. She says she can walk away, leaving everything behind. Or she can stay and change things with Fiffany at her side. 

Fiffany is about to put Herringbone in the pasture cube when he admits that he double-crossed her. He promises would never do anything like that again and apologizes. “Okay,” she says. “I forgive you.”

He turns behind him to see that she was going to put him in the pasture cube. He freaks out, but she tells him to get up. She’ll find a different way of punishing him.

Hazel goes to Jay’s room. She tells him the FBI isn’t coming because the tracker was lost. He thinks they can still leave together, but she tells him not to act like he rescued her. She’s going to spare him because he found Fiffany. She’ll drug him and send him home. But if he jeopardizes the Hub, she’ll have him brought back here.

How does Made for Love Season 2 end? Does Hazel bring Byron back?

Six months later, Hazel is visibly pregnant. She mournfully gazes at her dad’s lifeless body in its pod.

She then goes to bed with Byron. “I thought I told you not to wait up,” she says. When he asks about her day, she says it’s none of his business.

“You’re gonna make a great dad,” she says.

Inside Other Byron’s eyes, the real Byron screams to get out. 

The Episode Review

You love to see characters come together and work as a team as they never have before. And Fiffany led Jay, Bennett, and Herringbone in a valiant charge to save Hazel.

The whole bit inside Hazel’s brain (which was quite a large portion of the episode) was long-winded and mostly uninteresting, although Cristin Milioti gives a stunning twofold performance. The best part of the “Hazel vs. Hazel” storyline was the conclusion. In one last emotional scene between Hazel and Other Hazel, Hazel briefly wrestles with the idea that maybe she’s not even suited to live her own life. The scene just briefly communicates that potent feeling of ineptitude we all have felt at one time or another.

The season had a believable ending, with Hazel taking control over her circumstances and over Byron. At this point, it’s hard to know what Hazel’s motivations are. Will she fight for a better Hub and better world? Or is she totally corrupted by the desire for revenge? We’ll find out if HBO renews Made for Love for a third season!

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