Made for Love – Season 2 Episode 6 “Alice? Are You Listening?” Recap & Review

Alice? Are You Listening?

Episode 6 of Made for Love Season 2 begins with Alice–who looks very similar to Hazel–speaking with a therapist. The therapist puts a phone on the table in front of her to try to acclimate her to the real world.

Alice starts to have a panic attack. She throws the phone and breaks it. “He wants to track us!” She yells. “Byron Gogol wants to control you!”

At the Hub, Byron gives Hazel an old phone, explaining that it’s a recording device of her mother. His engineers used ten years of recorded calls from when her mom worked as a customer service representative at CAL Premium to predict real-time responses. Now Hazel can speak with her mother again.

Hazel then talks with the recording of her mom, sobbing through their conversation. But when the recording ends by asking for her to answer a few survey questions, Hazel hangs up, the illusion broken.

Byron orders Dr. Hau (Other Hazel) to delete the copy of Hazel’s consciousness in the cloud. He says he doesn’t want to compromise Hazel’s growing trust of him. She has him log himself in so she can make the deletion. As he does so, she drugs him with a syringe.

Other Byron wakes up in Byron’s body. He and Other Hazel revel in being able to touch each other. But she wants to wait until she’s in her real body for them to go any further.

Herb helps Other Hazel knock out the real Hazel. While Other Hazel leaves to get a gurney, Herb picks up the phone in Hazel’s room. He’s surprised to hear his late wife’s voice.

Herringbone shows Fiffany the picture of her and her child. She says she doesn’t have a kid. The picture is of her twin sister, Bessica, and the child she had with Fiffany’s husband, Ignacio.

Fiffany tells Herringbone the rain in the pasture cube is meant to trigger her. It reminds her of the night her sister and husband betrayed her.

Judiff watches the FBI from afar as they discover the tracking device led to a dead end. With the FBI at Byron’s house, she can’t get any closer. But she can track down Byron’s ex-wife.

Judiff finds Alice at a mental hospital, where she is a patient. She tries to ask where the Hub is, but Alice says she can’t help.

When Other Hazel wakes up in her new body, she and Other Byron enjoy their new life together. The episode ends with Other Hazel and Herb watching a movie together. Inside of Other Hazel’s eyes, Hazel can be seen soundlessly screaming.

The Episode Review

Made for Love has a bad habit of bringing plot points back up briefly–as if to say they haven’t been totally forgotten–only to drop them immediately. Often, it’s a shot of Fiffany and Herringbone running in the pasture cube to remind us that they still exist.

In this episode, we get one glimpse of Zelda and Jay as a reminder of their plan to swim through the tunnels, and that reminder is the scene’s sole purpose.

Rather than flesh out its established storylines, the show sloppily ties in new drama, such as Hazel’s trauma over her mom’s death. Additionally, there’s Alice, whose existence could add an interesting dynamic to the series. But again, nothing happened with that plot point in this episode.

Hazel’s and Byron’s bodies both being taken over adds a fun twist to the drama. I’m hopeful Herb will be the one to piece things together, so he and Hazel can start to make amends for how she tricked him.

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