Made for Love – Season 2 Episode 2 “We’re Losing Time” Recap & Review

We’re Losing Time

Episode 2 of Made for Love Season 2 begins with a montage of Herb passing out and getting his treatments–as well as one in which Hazel makes messes around the Hub to frustrate Byron.

Jay gets approved to go to the Hub after a 7-day test. He takes a sedative because even Hub employees can’t know where their headquarters is.

Herb tells Hazel that he keeps passing out and waking up at the same time, but it always feels like hours have passed. He shows her his old watch that’s on a different time. Hazel tries to convince him he’s crazy, but he can’t shake the feeling that something is off.

He gives her his changed will. He’s put her in it. She asks if he’s trying to tell her that he’s sick. He denies it, saying he just wants to be prepared. 

Hazel gives instructions to a Hub employee to bring Bangles there, hoping her presence will help curb her dad’s suspicion.

In the Cloud, the uploaded versions of Hazel and Byron are able to create things out of thin air. “I want to build a whole world for you,” Byron says to her.

Jay later wakes up in his new room in the Hub. Bennett shows him and other new employees an orientation video by Byron, who says they’ve chosen to work at the Hub forever and are now following the path to eternal living. Byron then comes out to introduce himself, along with Hazel. She immediately recognizes Jay, but doesn’t give him away.

After they leave, Byron asks Hazel to dinner that night. She agrees before going back into the orientation cube under the guise of having lost her sunglasses. She whispers to Jay to meet her in that same room tonight at 7.

In the pasture cube, Fiffany and Herringbone finally receive food from Bennett. But growls sound out, and they have to run before they can eat anything.

Hazel greets Bangles after Bruce brings her to the Hub. Meanwhile, Herb finds the severed finger that Hazel accidentally left in the freezer.

When Hazel and Bangles arrive, Herb hides his discovery from them. Hazel takes the finger from the fridge before they leave. When Herb can’t find it again, he thinks he might be losing his mind.

Bangles wants to have fun before she leaves, so she pulls Hazel into the pool. Byron comes out to talk to her, and Bangles joins them on their candlelit picnic date. 

Hazel asks Bangles to interrogate Byron while she slips away to meet Jay. She brings him to Byron’s secret rooftop cube, where they can talk privately. He confesses to her that he’s FBI, and that his name is Jasper here.

Jasper tells Hazel about the FBI’s suspicions about the Hub. They believe Herringbone is in here, and they’re looking for others who have disappeared as well.

Byron thinks he knows where Hazel is and heads toward the rooftop, while Bennett sedates Bangles. Byron goes to enter the secret cube, but remembering his promise not to invade her privacy, he walks away. 

The episode ends with Bennett finding Herb’s pills in Bangles’ bag. He slips into Herb’s house to replace them, but Herb catches him sneaking away.

The Episode Review

Overbearing and abusive as his character may be, Billy Magnussen is one of the most delightful parts of this series as Byron Gogol. He’s like a doleful puppy dog, looking to do whatever it takes to please Hazel. Magnussen plays him with an innocent and even childlike charm that belies his sinister motive. 

Byron’s little moments of sweetness toward Hazel shouldn’t be taken as anything more than selfish acts. It’s an abuser who doesn’t comprehend his role as the oppressor that might be the most dangerous of all. Made for Love still holds above us the pressing question: To what lengths will Byron go in order to keep Hazel with him?

As Byron continues his efforts to win his wife’s heart, suspense escalates when Herb finally discovers a speck of the truth about his situation. In contrast to Hazel’s hopeful dream from the last episode, this may not be a scenario the father and daughter can recover their shaky relationship from.

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