Luther: The Fallen Sun (2023) Movie Review – A respectable extension to the Luther Universe

A respectable extension to the Luther Universe

DCI John Luther’s narrative is continued in the crime thriller “Luther: The Fallen Sun” on Netflix. In the movie, DCI John Luther looks into the vanishing of teen Callum Aldrich, but the case instantly becomes one of murder. Nevertheless, his offenses were disclosed to the general population and mainstream press before Luther could achieve a breakthrough in catching the murderer. Luther’s public persona takes a hit, and he is imprisoned.

David Robey uses a radio to get in touch with Luther while he is taken into custody at Turfsmoor Prison. The cruel and destructive serial killer torments people all over Europe. As a consequence, Luther breaks out and becomes committed to catching the serial killer. The storyline pursues DCI John Luther as he looks into a string of killings. Thereafter, he encounters the deranged serial killer David Robey. When the mass murderer and Luther come face to face, they engage in an intriguing cat-and-mouse chase.

Neil Cross, the show’s creator of Luther, wrote the script and oversaw the production of the venture in an effort to capture the spirit of the original show. He’s also joined by Jamie Payne, the season 5 director, to maintain the tonality and aesthetic style that helped the show become so popular. As a result, it’s safe to say that the efforts truly reflect on the cinematography.

Although the new mass murderer and main plot have very little linkage to the TV series, this movie does depend on previous knowledge to fully comprehend and appreciate the qualities of Luther.

This will ultimately shape how you evaluate this one, since the crime thriller is rather subjective. However, seeing Elba dress up in a tweed jacket paired with a red tie once more as a crime fighter, whilst on a roof overlooking skyscrapers in the distance resembling Batman, is breathtaking. In addition to the usual Luther outbursts, there’s a great deal of action and suspense. Nevertheless, the main character is still the same, albeit a little more subdued.

David Robey, played by Andy Serkis, serves as the plot’s omnipresent, affluent, and cunning genius who appears to have the desire and resources to manipulate and terrorize freely. The danger is made to feel so genuine and unending for a large portion of the movie by his paranoia, combined with such horrific tiers of destruction. The movie is chilling owing to sequences such as the finding of a hanging corpse at a bungalow and deaths at Piccadilly Circus.

Luther: The Fallen Sun is a respectable extension to the Luther world and a representation of the iconic figure played by Idris Elba’s everlasting allure. It may not be groundbreaking, but it delivers the captivating, bloody, and emotionally impactful crime thriller that viewers have become accustomed to.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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