Luther: The Fallen Sun Ending Explained – Is this the end for Luther?

Luther: The Fallen Sun Plot Summary

DCI John Luther’s narrative is continued in the crime thriller “Luther: The Fallen Sun” on Netflix. In the movie, DCI John Luther looks into the vanishing of teen Callum Aldrich, but the case instantly becomes one of murder. Nevertheless, his offenses were disclosed to the general population and mainstream press before Luther could achieve a breakthrough in catching the murderer. Luther’s public persona takes a hit, and he is imprisoned.

David Robey uses a radio to get in touch with Luther while he is taken into custody at Turfsmoor Prison. The cruel and destructive serial killer torments people all over Europe. As a consequence, Luther breaks out and becomes committed to catching the serial killer. The storyline pursues DCI John Luther as he looks into a string of killings. Thereafter, he encounters the deranged serial killer David Robey. When the mass murderer and Luther come face to face, they engage in an intriguing cat-and-mouse chase.

What happens to Luther?

Luther and DCI Odette Raine track Robey to his hiding place in Norway after a protracted pursuit through London. Thereafter, Luther turns the tide on Robey by directing the authorities to his hiding place during the dramatic scene. Luther hunts down the mass murderer as Robey makes an attempt to flee.

The two men get into a fight over a frozen river that Robey had been using to dispose of his victims’ bodies. Robey passes out while Luther keeps him restrained. As Robey descends to the bottom of the icy lake, he’s assumed to be dead. At the same time, Luther succumbs to his wounds and loses consciousness. However, the arriving paramedic team save him.

Who is the Chief in the movie?

Luther is seriously hurt and on the verge of passing out after his fight with Robey. Luther is saved, though, just in time, and is given medical attention. In the dying moments, Luther awakens and discovers himself in a strange place.

Martin Schenk, his lifelong boss, greets Luther as he begins to feel better. Luther is now being hosted in a hiding place that is owned by the government, according to Schenk. Luther is shocked by the government’s act of kindness though, provided that he had turned into a wanted criminal after his prison break as well as an embarrassment in the eyes of society.

A squad of government vehicles suddenly arrive, cutting off Luther’s discussion with Schenk. As Luther exits the safe house, a member of the government leaves the vehicle and approaches him. Luther receives praise from the government for his actions in taking out Robey. After that, he points Luther in the direction of a car and says that his superior, “The Chief,” needs to talk to Luther. However before Luther gets in the car, we get to meet The Chief just as the film ends.

What does the ending suggest about Luther’s future?

The conclusion suggests that The Chief is the head of a covert government organization. It is highly improbable that Luther will be allowed to get back to his position as a Detective Chief Inspector now that his good name has been damaged in the eyes of society. If that wasn’t enough, the former law enforcement officer has been painted as a criminal. Thus, it appears that The Chief is presenting Luther with a way out of jail.

The Chief may be attempting to enlist Luther to work as a secret agent for his government organization. Additionally, we could well see Luther compelled to accept the offer. His propensity to break the rules might serve the government well. As a consequence, the implication of “Luther: The Fallen Sun” alludes to the fact that DCI John Luther will work as a spy in the years to come.


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