Lupin – Season 3 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Chapter 1

Episode 1 of Lupin season 3 begins with a group of serious looking men standing next to a big wooden crate. Inside happens to be a small box, which contains a shiny pearl named Arii Poerava aka the Black Pearl. He goes on to give a history of the pearl and informs about security protocol to the person taking possession of it.

The timestamp on the screen shows 2017. Michael (the one who took the pearl) gets a phone call asking him to say a keyword. When he does, the person on the phone informs Michael that the driver of the car might be from the criminal organisation.

The person on the phone gives Michael the instructions to exit, following the security protocol. He does just that and waits on the metro line for the agents to arrive. Lupin arrives, too. Both Michael and Lupin get on the train, where Michael eyes him suspiciously.

After Michael is seated, Lupin deftly retrieves the pearl from the suitcase. Michael takes a minute to register but Lupin has left and the train moves ahead. 

Now, it is 2021 and we’re in Marseille. Lupin is living a secluded life and a year has passed since the Pelligrini incident. Assane Diop aka Lupin’s wife is questioned about his whereabouts.

Claire receives a text to follow a mysterious man with an orange umbrella. The person is Assane. Claire and Assane have a tiff, and she mentions that Raoul wakes screaming in his sleep.

Claire asks Assane to turn himself in and calls him a coward. Assane talks to his best friend Ben about a heist to steal the Black Pearl. The scene cuts to 2017 when Assane got arrested after stealing said Black Pearl.

The news is still rife with Assane Diop and his actions. Two journalists are fighting whether Assane Diop’s story is still worth running on the front page. Just as they do, a man dressed in black enters the establishment to make a delivery.

The manager goes ahead to deliver the letter and we also see the Black Pearl securely kept for viewing in one of the rooms. The letter is for Mr Imbert, the main manager. He is shocked to read the letter.

Fleet of detectives arrive at the scene and get in to secure the perimeter from a probable grenade bombing. The letter is from Assane Diop mentioning that he will steal the Black Pearl on Friday, December 3rd at 10pm.

Raoul is bullied at school and alienated as well. Assane sees this and is reminded of his school days when he faced a similar predicament. 

At the station, Guedira is excited that Assane is back. He also finds that Assane’s letter is a smoke signal. Guidera explains that the name Michel Beaumont is from another Lupin story. 

At the news station, Fleur (one of the two quarrelling journalists), gets the scoop about Assane and is on the front page again. Claire hears about Assane’s heist challenge on the news. As they do. the police and staff start preparing for action. Mr Imbert takes a police personnel on the rounds of the place and explains the security detail.

The scene cuts to 1998 during Assane’s school years, as he goes to collect the letters from his old tenement. In the present, everyone is set to action and catch Diop. A crowd gathers outside in support of him.

Sophia talks to Guidera asking for help for a clue. He says Diop might try to divert attention or he might have already stolen it. Sophia cross checks with Mr Imbert about the Black Pearl.

Back in 1998, Diop collects the letters and finds a postcard from Senegal. It is from his mom to his dad. Bruno pins Assane against the wall and demands cash. Assane and Bruno are friends and Bruno invites Assane over to his house to watch a football match on TV. Assane asks if he can crash at Bruno’s place for a few days and the latter accepts.

Back in the present, everyone is waiting for Diop to steal the Black Pearl, but nothing happens for a few seconds. As they all sigh in relief, the alarm goes off and wouldn’t you know it, the Black Pearl is stolen!

Mr Imbert sees a person in police clothing head to his office but he is unable to get in. He changes and tries to escape but he is caught again. Outside, the crowd is chanting to free Assane Diop. 

The scene changes to three days earlier as he visits Bruno. He plans to do the heist with Bruno and narrates his plan. Bruno assumes the fake identity of a RIB agent and learns the security plans.

Assane’s complete plan from Bruno infiltrating the security, to the crowd gathering outside in his support, is narrated and shown as it unfolds. Assane and his group went inside disguised as RIB personnel and he simply retrieved the Black Pearl when the clock struck 10.

Even Assane’s arrest was an orchestrated act ;the people taking him away are actually his friends. Assane says that he sent over the money to Bruno and gets off at a spot.

Police cars are already surrounding the city in search of Assane. A couple of strikers on the roof spot Assane making the escape but he falls down and is unconscious. 

The Episode Review

Well, fans who waited for a new Lupin story can finally sigh in relief and smile in excitement. Episode 1 of this season serves as a reminder as to why the first two were such favourites. The clever (and might I say arrogant) Assane Diop makes a stunning comeback as Lupin.

The episode is just about 46 minutes and with the back and forth of timelines to keep viewers hooked, it looks like we’ve got another tightly interwoven storyline on our hands!

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