Lupin – Part 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Chapter 7

Episode 2 of Lupin Part 2 begins right off the back of that shocking cliffhanger last time. Firemen arrive at the scene and open up the trunk of the car. It turns out it was empty, with nothing inside.

That’s just what Assane needs, as he dupes Belkacem and takes off in a car. Just before he does, he leaves a parting gift in the form of a flat tyre for the other officers.

We then cut back to the previous night to see the events that transpired with Raoul. Guedira managed to break free from his binds and saved Raoul from the trunk of the car. Unfortunately, they weren’t alone, with Leonard in hot pursuit firing wildly as they took off.

Meanwhile, Pellegrini’s press conference is cut short by a surprise visitor downstairs. It’s Claire. Pellegrini speaks to Dumont and organizes a coup to take in Assane. This includes ringing Assane and trying to set a trap. Only, Assane is too smart for this and realizes that Dumont is not being wholly truthful.

Well, Assane heads online (after returning home of course) and notices that Pellegrini is hosting a special fundraising gala that night with a number of different people attending. Realizing this could be just the opportunity he needs, Assane starts to sift through his various disguises for the evening’s event.

Guedira is not so smart though, and he willingly hands over Raoul to the commissioner. Not long after though, he receivers a letter with “thank you Ganimard” written and an accompanying phone.

Assane’s disguise? Hired help in the kitchen. However, security are obviously expecting him and it doesn’t take long before Assane is spotted. He immediately switches gear though and makes it out the front door. As he contemplates what to do next, Dumont leads Raoul out, bundling him into a car en-route to safety.

This episode’s flashbacks jump back to 1995 as we see Assane at school and in trouble following the violin incident. With the shop owner looking to press charges, and Assane’s future hanging by a thread, he impersonates the owner and calls the principal, telling him to drop the charges.

This, as it turns out, lends itself nicely into the present. Using Assane’s expertise, he managed to dupe Dumont into willingly letting Raoul go, on instructions from Pellegrini that was actually Assane all along. In fact, Assane is one actually driving the car Raoul was bundled into.

With Raoul and Assane reunited, they drive away. As they do, Assane admits the truth about what happened 25 years ago with his Father being framed.

Now we jump back 24 hours. Claire rides the train back and realizes Pellegrini is involved in taking Raoul. However, she’s unsure how to proceed.

Unaware of what’s happened with Raoul the previous night, she confronts Pellegrini and tries to buy him off with jewels. Instead though, he simply tells her he wants Assane. Only, given she’s made a deal with the devil, the realization hits home that her distrust in Assane has come back to bite her. Even worse, as she lifts the intercom to let Assane and Raoul in, numerous hitmen stand waiting for the pair.

The Episode Review

Thee second episode of Lupin slows the pace down slightly, moving back into the well worked heists that made the first part so endearing. The flashbacks here work well to complement the present day timeline too, with Assane using his skills to outsmart Pellegrini and his men.

Claire’s distrust in Assane almost costs them everything too, with the hitmen waiting for him in their apartment and ready to strike. Thankfully Claire’s utterance of “go” at the end of this episode manages to stifle the threat but it still remains to be seen how long Assane can evade capture.

With Raoul safe and the fight against Pellegrini hitting fever pitch, the final 3 episodes look set to explode in the best way possible.

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