L.U.C.A. The Beginning – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Ranch

Episode 8 of L.U.C.A.: The Beginning begins with Goo-Reum and Ji-O making it to the Ranch. While they recover and begin farming, we cut forward in time by 3 months.

Yi-Son blindsides the former researcher at Human Tech, Kim. He takes him out into the fields, injecting the man with something and leaving a suicide note in his jacket. Phoning through to his contact, Yi-Son lets them know.

News of this spreads as Goo-Reum listens to the radio and realizes that this news report could link to her. Goo-Reum decides she needs to go, and tells Ji-O that another person has died because of her.

Ji-O wants to stay behind while Goo-Reum believes they need to stop running. Well, the pair eventually start kissing, as they begin to grow closer together.

The two eventually head out for a walk together, where Ji-O mentions what Joong-Kwon told him about her. Specifically, how her Father was one of the researchers in charge of the project.

As they continue spending time on the ranch, another montage sees Goo-Reum fall pregnant following their night together. This prompts the two to rely on Won-Yi again, this time to supply them fake IDs. Goo-Reum is due to give birth soon too, as it seems like we’ve jumped forward in time once more.

Meanwhile, Yoo-Na continues to work behind Cheol-Soo’s back, taking a USB drive full of information from the computer. Cheol-Soo and the others soon realize what she’s done but it’s too late.

She charges away from the complex just as Yi-Son hurries out and begins chasing her down the road. However, she manages to get away. Yi-Son instead turns his attention to Jung-A, where he spies Yoo-Na up on the balcony. He lies to Cheol-Soo on the phone and tells him that he hasn’t seen her yet.

It doesn’t matter too much to the researchers though, who realize they’re on-course to make history. Three surrogate mothers have been chosen to carry Ji-O’s embryos, with Jung-A believing that these are going to be stronger and better than that of Ji-O himself.

While Jung-A embraces the project, Cheol-Soo admits that he’s sick of this and wants to be done completely. Well, their work is far from over.

When Joong-Kwon opens the freezer, he finds the embryos gone. It turns out Yoo-Na has taken off with them and she’s working with Jung-A in secret. Jung-A holds up her side of the bargain as she tells Yoo-Na all about her history, including how she killed five people by accident.

The time of giving birth draws nearer, as Goo-Reum is taken into hospital while the trio of mothers at the lab go into labour too. At the lab, things take a shocking turn – quite literally.

The Mothers all die, unable to withstand the electrical power of their unborn children. Goo-Reum meanwhile, gives birth to a beautiful child. She tasks Ji-O with naming their baby girl but for now he deliberates on this, meeting Won-Yi to receive the fake IDs.

Choi meets with Yi-Son, who hands over an envelope involving a Missing Persons Case Summary. This happens to hold crucial information regarding Young-Jae and his wife.

This news spreads across Korea, as a broadcast surrounding Goo-Reum’s parents is spread, confirming their car succumb to an electric blast. This seems to hint that Ji-O is responsible.

Goo-Reum immediately phones the police station and speaks to Yoo-Cheol privately. She wants a sample of the victims’ DNA to be sure it’s her parents and hurriedly hangs up. Choi senses something is up though and has the last number Yoo-Cheol was on the phone to checked.

Meanwhile, Yi-Son returns again and this time takes Goo-Reum away from the hospital. When Ji-O finds out, he struggles to control his anger. Clutching the red shoe, he remains determined to find Goo-Reum no matter what. As his anger rises up, Ji-O heads back to the ranch and explodes, sending another electric shockwave high into the air.

The Episode Review

L.U.C.A. somehow delivers an episode with a pretty uneven pacing, somehow rushing and dragging its story at the same time. On the one hand, the changed location to the tranquil ranch screeches everything to a halt. On the other hands, the time jumps hurry along to see Goo-Reum give birth.

It now seems clear that this is going to be the prophetic child we saw at the start of episode 1, with Goo-Reum the one to drop the infant down. That’s still speculation at this point though but it definitely seems likely to be the case.

Ji-O and Goo-Reum spending together on the ranch plays out like an eye-of-the-storm moment, catching its breath long enough before plunging back into drama and tension at the end.

With Yi-Son now with Goo-Reum and her child, it’s only a matter of time before Ji-O catches up and blasts him with electricity again. Will he make it there in time? We’ll have to wait a week to find out!

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