L.U.C.A. The Beginning – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Elevator Fight

Episode 2 of L.U.C.A.: The Beginning returns to the aftermath of that shocking climax, as Ji-O collapses on the floor, leaving shattered pavement blocks in his wake. As Yi-Son brandishes a knife and prepares to finish the job, a whole host of innocent bystanders arrive and unintentionally save him. There are way too many people around so for now, Yi-Son regroups.

As they leave, we cut back to Human Tech where numerous babies are kept in incubators. Investor Kim Cheol-Soo and scientist Joong-Kwon learn about the botched operation and fret, realizing that Ji-O is at the hospital. Both are determined to bring him in. They’re worried because of his blood composition; if they try to do blood tests on him, that could unveil the truth that he’s not a normal human.

Well, the pair task Yi-Son and his teammates to bring Ji-O back as a matter of urgency. One of the members joining him happens to be Yoo-Na, who’s had a pretty interesting upbringing, having lost her leg originally and now back to a good level of fitness. She joins the team, ready to hunt.

While Goo-Reum recovers in the hospital, we cut back in time and see flashes of the past including how little Ji-O was taken in by her parents to stay for the night. Only, in the middle of the night she spots him stuffing his face with cake. This level of stress causes Ji-O to lose control and blast the place with crackles of lightning. As Goo-Reum calls out for her parents, she awakens with a start.

Captain Choi arrives to see Goo-Reum but when he realizes she’s okay, he visits Ji-O instead. He’s not in a good state, having fractured his cervical spine and sporting ruptured organs. He’s also unable to receive a blood transfusion, given the doctors are unable to determine what blood type he is. Things don’t look good for Ji-O.

As Choi watches the boy fight for his life, Yoo-Cheol mentions the strange circumstances surrounding his drop. Choi is not happy about Yoo-Cheol calling the case weird (even though it is) eventually leading to Goo-Reum interrupting them and checking on Ji-O’s condition. Given she was an eyewitness that night, Choi leans on her for support, as she mentions that there was an explosion and another man up on the roof with Ji-O that night.

Choi tasks the team with checking out the crime scene while Goo-Rem is told to head home. Well, she obviously doesn’t listen and begins looking into details surrounding Ji-O’s strange upbringing instead. She stumbles upon a clue in the form of Euicheon Church and clings to this lead, realizing it links in with her parents’ case.

Back at the hospital, Ji-O begins to stir, bringing the doctors in to try and resuscitate him using a defibrillator. It seems to work, and Ji-O returns from the brink. He’s still not in a great state though and everyone is understandably shocked. This distraction is enough for Yi-Son and his men to infiltrate the hospital.

The cameras are cut, and all the players move into position, ready to strike. Goo-Reum shows up to check on Ji-O though, deciding to head in and talk to him privately. She sits alongside the boy, telling Ji-O that she’s met him before and asking him to speak.

Only. she’s interrupted by doctors arriving and moving Ji-O out the ward. Unbeknownst to them though, the doctors are actually Yi-Son and his goons in disguise. Goo-Reum suspects something is up though, especially when they take him away without the patient charts.

In the elevator, Goo-Reum suspects who they really are but they’re interrupted by Ji-O suddenly awakening and fighting. It’s clear that his blood is special and something is happening to him, as he evades the trio and fights with them in the elevator. We’re then graced with an absolutely stunning one-shot take, which seamlessly transitions into a point of view shot as Ji-O fights against these men. This shot alone, is well worth watching again!

Eventually the fight spills out of the elevator and down the hallways. Ji-O does his best to evade the men, hiding in a closet as Yi-Son comes up short again. Well, that is until he spots a room with no lights on and immediately heads up to investigate. He finds the bloodied rags of Ji-O but the boy is nowhere to be found.

Ji-O manages to slip outside but Goo-Reum spies him from afar and hurries after him. Goo-Reum calls for back-up before eventually finding Ji-O by the train tracks. Our electrified protagonist struggles to hold it together, smashing lightbulbs with his powers which draws both Goo-Reum and Yi-Son to his location. Goo-Rerum eventually follows the clues after a foot-chase, spotting Ji-O hiding by the subway tracks.

Goo-Reum approaches with handcuffs but Ji-O tells her to leave – he doesn’t want to hurt her. When a train passes, she questions him about her parents and what happened that night. Only, they’re rudely interrupted by Yi-Son showing up. Fighting inevitably breaks out, leaving Ji-O with no other choice but to rush up the train tracks. Goo-Reum is knocked out though, eventually lying unconscious on the train tracks.

Ji-O notices and decides to use his powers to stop the train, electrocuting his foes before cradling Goo-Reum. Thankfully the train stops just in time, allowing Ji-O to leave with Goo-Reum, as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

After an explosive opener, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning refuses to let up, sprinting through its second episode with a whole host of dramatic and action-packed moments. That elevator fight was absolutely incredible and Viki have put the whole 3 minute sequence up on YouTube too if you want to re-watch it.

In the meantime though, it seems like Ji-O was responsible for what happened to Goo-Reum’s parents but the whole truth hasn’t been revealed from that night so there could be more going on that we don’t know about.

The ratings for this tvN drama are actually doing pretty well in Korea but it’ll be interesting to see how that translates across to International audiences. This is one of those shows that would actually do pretty well as a binge watch, but we’ll have to wait and see if the intensity of this one keeps up through the weeks.

If last year’s Alice and Start-Up have taught us anything, an ending can make or break the experience! For now though, L.U.C.A is one of the most exciting dramas on TV and the ending leaves the door wide open for where this one may go next.

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