LTNS – K-drama Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Long Time No Sex

Episode 6 of LTNS starts by giving a timeline of the dwindling in the intimate fire between Woo Jin and Samuel. They began as passionate lovers when they were dating, but the feelings of arousal started diminishing three years into the relationship to eventually no action at all, leading to sleeping in different beds in the same room.

Woo Jin would not arouse Samuel even when she bought a new lingerie to spice up the relationship in the bedroom. Woo Jin starts to wonder if Samuel no longer sees her as a woman, but he asks her to be patient and give him some time.

The doctor says that the loss in libido is due to the hair loss medicine Samuel is taking, and he asks Woo Jin to wait. Woo Jin is frustrated by the situation and, in the heat of anger, shouts that they should get a divorce, but Samuel responds by saying she should never do that. Woo Jin leaves Samuel alone since he only wants to be alone. 

What happens between Samuel and Woo Jin?

Back to the present, instead of torching the house, Woo Jin decides to blackmail Min Soo and ask for 30 million. Min Soo leaves a bag she carries into their apartment at the given time.

Woo Jin starts to tell Samuel a story about a taxi driver and his secret lover, and he finally catches on that she is referring to him and Min Soo. Woo Jin is afraid to open the bag because if there is money, it means that Min Soo and Samuel have something to hide. Surprisingly, they find money in the bag.

Samuel tells Woo Jin she is shameless for stalking him and extorting money from an innocent woman, and he suddenly mentions something that happened two years earlier and says that he saw it all.

Woo Jin starts to panic as the screen takes us back two years earlier when Woo Jin leaves the apartment after the argument about Samuel no longer seeing her as a woman. She stalks her ex-boyfriend online, who is married with a kid, and he calls her back instantly, asking to meet. Woo Jin had a one-night stand with her ex-boyfriend that day without realising that Samuel had followed her.

Woo Jin admits that she had sex with him once that day and asks Samuel to be honest about the relationship between him and Min Soo. Samuel tells her that nothing has happened between them since they were cleaning mates, but Woo Jin does not believe him, leading to a heated argument. 

Samuel claims he was lonely, while Woo Jin reminds him that she had to work tirelessly to help them out of debt when Samuel’s startup got under. To that, Samuel responds that Woo Jin’s mood swings affected his sexual drive, and he could no longer get excited enough to have sex with her. However, with Min Soo, he felt at ease and could get hard.

Woo Jin thinks that Samuel got off while thinking about someone else’s wife. The fight continues even after someone throws a rock through their window. They then take their fight on a speed chase along the busy highway when Samuel grabs the bag with money and runs for it, intending to return it to Min Soo.

Woo Jin cuts her off and gets out of her car with a bat when Samuel refuses to open the door. Afraid she will smash the window, Samuel rolls it down, and Woo Jin takes the bag. When Samuel follows her into her car and attempts to snatch the bag, she beats him up and scatters the money for everyone to collect. Samuel stands aside in disbelief.

Who is the mysterious man?

Flash forward seven months later, the threat on their door and the blood previously seen on the water bottles. The delivery person’s son got angry since Samuel ordered an insane amount of water, which led to his father’s arm injury, and started threatening them. 

What happened to Samuel and Woo Jin after their intense fight? 

Woo Jin and Samuel have moved out, and a new couple plans to move in. Samuel works at a strawberry farm with his father and sisters. His sisters nag him for sleeping in his car and smoking. Woo Jin and Samuel are divorced. 

The real estate calls said she found a buyer for their house, and Samuel and Woo Jin must come together to finalise the sale. Woo Jin asks Samuel to join him for a meal before meeting with the realtor.

Woo Jin tearfully apologises to an equally teary Samuel and takes responsibility for messing up their relationship. Woo Jin tells Samuel that she can now let him go and hopes he will live and she will try to live well, too. Next is a snowy Christmas, and Woo Jin feels lonely seeing all the couples checking in and out of the hotel.

What happens at the end? 

Later that night, she is alone in her room and refuses to join her sister and her kids for the Christmas celebration. Unexpectedly, Samuel knocks on her door, bearing strawberry gifts from the farm.

Out of habit, he helps clean her house and joins her for a drink. He curiously wonders if anyone has been to her studio apartment. After some small talk and a few drinks, the two end up in bed together, saying that even though they are divorced, they can still have sex. 

The Episode Review

The episode is exciting with thrilling action, from the fight in the house to the high-speed car chase to the showdown in the middle of the road. Watching this episode, I understand that an emotional affair is more brutal than a physical one.

I felt Woo Jin’s pain when Samuel kept insisting that he did nothing wrong while he gave his emotional attention to someone else and neglected Woo Jin both physically and emotionally. Although both are to blame for ending their relationship, I appreciate that the script decides to give them another chance.

It also explains the blood on the water bottles, but there are questions about Samuel’s contract with the merchant in a previous episode. I think we should just take it like the person decided to still give him money after beating him up for the blackmail.

Regardless, LTNS is an exciting, binge-worthy series that will keep you entertained as we focus and look for the relationship between the main characters. As a reward, we get a sweet, rekindled relationship at the end of the final episode. 

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