LTNS- K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Ex Prohibited

Episode 4 of LTNS starts with another make-out session, but this time, it is between two women in a hotel room. The ecstasy gets cut short when one of the woman’s mother-in-law calls demanding to have a hot pot, and they have to leave.

Next, the women are arguing at the back of Samuel’s car, and it seems they have a history together. One of them is married even though they used to date in the past, and the unmarried one is pretty upset about the married one contacting her and them dashing when the mother-in-law calls. Samuel tells Woo Jin about the potential target at home.

Later, when they leave the house, they find the door blocked since Samuel has ordered more water than necessary. They help each other take the water into the house, and some of the bottles have what seems like blood dripping, but they do not take note. 

Their target this time is a married woman, Soo-ji, and her lover, Cho Won. Since Samuel does not get any information on Soo-ji, they follow Cho Won, hoping she will lead them to Soo-ji.

After the argument, the day they are in Samuel’s car, Cho Won is miserable for the next week, and they do not get any important evidence other than witnessing Cho Won break down every other day. They finally get a break in their stakeout when they follow Cho Won to church and see Soo-ji’s family, including her husband and parents-in-law. 

Soo-ji is in an unhappy marriage, and her mother-in-law exploits her for the sake of her daughter. She spends the time at the workshop making soaps for her mother-in-law to give to her in-laws, and at home, she is in charge of preparing food for the betrothal party.

As Soo-ji hides in the pantry to smoke, she overhears her mother-in-law talking about giving the gifts she was given by her parents when they got married to her daughter’s in-laws so she could have the upper hand. The mother-in-law takes out two gold swans in the fridge and says one is worth as much as a sedan.

The daughter says taking the swans would be stealing from Soo-ji, but the mother-in-law does not care about that and only wants her daughter to influence her in-laws.

Woo-jin and Samuel finally get the evidence, and on the same day, when Soo-ji arrives home, her husband drills her about having an affair with another man. However, even though she is having an affair, it is not with another man, so she quickly passes the drill session as she swears to their god and their son that she is not seeing another man. 

Woo Jin and Samuel ask for 40 million from Soo-ji, and when she sees the blackmail photos, the first person she suspects is her partner Cho-won, who is furious about being the suspect and swears that she will catch the blackmailers to prove her innocence. Soo-ji makes two fake figurines of the gold swans and exchanges them with the real ones back at her mother-in-law’s house. Later that night, she goes to make the drop off of the payment as instructed in the blackmail instructions. 

However, luck is not on their side this time since Cho-won is hot on their tail, and she is determined to get them. In the process, Samuel gets into a severe accident, and Cho Won takes the bag, but it is empty. She then catches up to Woo Jin and beats her up until she starts begging for her life.

Cho-won takes back the swans and calls Soo-ji to tell her she got the blackmailers. Soo-ji tells Cho-won that she decided to give the swans to the blackmailers to pay for her wrongdoing, and she took them from her in-laws to make them pay for their wrongdoing. 

Cho-won starts crying because she thinks Soo-ji will break up with her, but she surprises her when she asks that they start dating for real. If being with her is wrong, let them live as bad people. She asks Cho-won to leave the swans with the blackmailers and go to her since she misses her.

Cho-won gives Woo-jin back the bag with the swans and tells her about Samuel’s accident. She tells her that that is their karma for what they have done. 

Woo-jin and Samuel are rushed to the hospital, and luckily, it is nothing serious. The gold is worth 28 million, but plus the bag, the amount adds up to 40 million. The buyer advises her to keep and sell the gold when the market rates improve. 

At the end of the episode, Samuel is awake in the hospital. He calls another woman, Min-su, who apologises for something that had happened in the past. He tells her she is the first person to come to mind after the accident and asks if they could meet. 

The Episode Review

Well, the episodes are turning creepy watching Woo Jin and Samuel follow the people having affairs and secretly take videos or photos of their most intimate moments. Other than the second episode, where the man was clearly a jerk since he seemed to be in a happy marriage, these other couples have backstories that evoke emotions from the viewers, making Woo Jin and Samuel seem not heroic but two sad and creepy people.

Also, regardless of what they do, their relationship as a couple is not improving. The ending throws in a twist to the story. Who is Min-su? What is her relationship with Samuel? 

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