LTNS – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

A Real Kiss

Episode 3 of LTNS starts with an older couple having a frisky moment in the East-West hotel room when an accident occurs, forcing the man to rush out and the woman to call an ambulance. Coincidentally, Woo Jin and Samuel fight and Woo Jin decides to spend the night out at the hotel.

She arrives at the lobby as the man decides to pay her and her colleague for their silence. The man is clearly wealthy, as seen by his watch, car keys, wallet, and the huge tip he gives to buy their silence. Woo Jin decides to make him their next target. 

The new targets are Kang Baek-ho and Young-ae. Beak-ho is a wealthy man who deals with selling construction stones. Following the targets this time is not easy. Even if they are old, they are pretty active, which is challenging for Woo Jin and Samuel. They follow them up a mountain for a hike, and the couple stop at what looks like the grave of someone called Rosy Rosy.

Next, the couple heads to the ocean and spends the night on floating lodges. Samuel gets almost caught taking pictures by Baek-ho when he swims across to their dome. 

However, the time spent on the floating lodge benefits Woo Jin and Samuel. They have Soju that Samuel steals from Baek-ho, and Samuel suggests they try having phone sex, which Woo Jin had suggested earlier at the motel. Surprisingly, Woo Jin and Samuel are turned on by the phone sex pretence. However, when they try to kiss, they realise they have forgotten how to, but Samuel does not give up. After a few tries, they give each other some sloppy kisses, which is better than nothing. Woo Jin thinks it might be the alcohol, but Samuel believes it might not be the alcohol. 

Woo Jin and Samuel leave the dome and stay at a hotel. They have the evidence they need for the blackmail, and they decide to ask for 20 million from the woman, Young-ae, and 30 million from Baek-ho. The couple has set a target to save 150 million from the blackmail business and then quit it altogether. 

The first to receive the blackmail letter is Young-ae, but her response is not what they expected. She leaves them a letter with her life story, which is quite touching. She lived all her life for others and had never experienced intimacy until she met Baek-ho. The two met on the hiking trail when Young-ae was in a sad moment, and through Baek-ho, she learned to love and be intimate. Young-ae tells them that she will not pay the money they asked for and that they can do whatever they wish, but they should leave her and Baek-ho alone. 

Woo Jin and Samuel changed their tactic and tried to ask for 50 million from Baek-ho. However, they have to play by his rules. Baek-ho asks Samuel to meet him at his company by 10 pm the following day. Woo Jin is reluctant, but Samuel decides to take the risk. In an exciting turn of events, Baek-ho is not one to be trifled with, and he seriously beats up Samuel.

Surprisingly, Baek-ho invites Samuel for a drink and offers to give him the money in exchange for signing a contract. He wants to hire him to take pictures of his stones so he can exhibit them on his webpage. Although Samuel is reluctant, he can only get money from Baek-ho if he agrees to the contract since he started the company using his father-in-law’s funds and his wife keeps the books of account. 

At the end of the episode, although he gets hurt, Samuel tells Woo Jin that he seems to enjoy the job and feels alive. Woo Jin says that they need to reach 110 million more. 

The Episode Review

Did Samuel get into more trouble by signing the contract with Baek-ho? Why is he insisting on paying him when he clearly could have failed to pay, and Samuel would not have done anything? The story seems interesting, introducing some mysteries like what happened to the envelope left at the end of the first episode.

It looks like the story will not be as straightforward as we might think, with the support characters disappearing after each episode. Will their blackmail come back to haunt them in the upcoming episodes?  

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