L.S Dunes – Past Lives | Album Review

Track Listing

Grey Veins
Like Forever
Past Lives
It Takes Time
Permanent Rebellion
Sleep Cult


Punk stirs the tension here. Love has been replaced by melancholy, and there’s a rush of thunder on L.S. Dunes’s debut album Past Lives. The aura on this record is infectious, the darkness thick, and the moments of clarity become shrouded out.

You could say that this band is a supergroup, with My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Lero leading the line, and the band has been assembled from pure tenacity and attitude, and all their talents shine here.

Past Lives, as we expect, is guitar driven and sonically infused, with heaps of lyrical verve for good measure. The songs are for the emo scene and the fanatics too, as there are times when melancholy takes centre stage and the burdens come out like spikes.

Sorrow-fueled, the record often drums home many stories about lost love, and the overbearing factors of day-to-day life. It is a masterclass lyrically, even though it can be unorthodox in its delivery. Changing direction isn’t in this band’s DNA either, as they’re not going to alter their music to fit a certain niche or trend.

There are 11 songs on this LP. Antibodies commits to great structure and a musical pattern. The guitar lines are memorable, and it all clicks together seamlessly, with broodingly loud vocals cutting in.

‘Like Forever’ is fast-paced and in your face punk rock. It has one of the most memorable guitar segments to date, and it showcases the band’s adeptness.

‘It Takes Time’ starts off slowly, while it all builds into a guitar infused piece of brilliance. This technical work here is flawless. By contrast, ‘Permanent Rebellion’ begins with burgeoning instrumentals and the subtle vocals interconnect brilliantly well with the thickening atmosphere. It’s a definite standout track!

Overall though, L.S. Dunes imprint their music onto the scene like a collage exhibiting unconventional lust, but it all works and it really does show honesty.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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