Love With Flaws – Episodes 9 & 10 Recap & Review

Red, Red Wine

I’m really starting to enjoy Love With Flaws. Although the misunderstanding trope is a little overused in this genre and the entire comedy angle hinders on utilizing this to its fullest, Love With Flaws is a charming, taboo rom-com nonetheless and after this week, certainly sets things up for some hilarious moments going forward.

Following the embarrasing incident with Kang, the episode begins with him picking Seo-Yeon up and dumping her outside before sticking his head in the fridge and bemoaning his luck. Outside, an incident involving Min-Hyeok and Hyun-Soo inadvertently convinces the girls that all three of them are now gay, while inside Kang starts crying. As he does, Seo-Yeon heads home and questions her brother over whether a homosexual can still be attracted physically to a woman. It’s an awkward and humorous conversation, one that ends with her questioning whether Kang really is gay.

Kang-Woo tries in vain to stay mad at Seo-Yeon but upon seeing her shirt at his house, he instead has it dry-cleaned and sent back to her, along with papers detailing an approved budget for her track team. While Joo-Hee and Seo-Joon grow closer together following an impressive dodgeball display, Seo-Yeon and Mi-Kyung prepare for her blind date while Kang-Woo is set up for a date of his own by his parents. As fate would have it, they all happen to be at the same restaurant. Seo Yeon sneaks off to follow Kang’s date though and watches from afar while Kang reminisces over Seo Yeon as the girl infront of him eloquently eats her food.

Meanwhile, Mi-Kyung stares at her drink, topped with whipped cream, and bemoans her luck before digging into the whipped cream and stuffing her face, given the stressful situation she finds herself in. However, it has an adverse effect and her date calls her sexy. After retreating to the bathroom, she catches up with Seo-Yeon and the two make a hasty exit.

Back home, Seo-Yeon waits for Kang-Woo and gets him a gift – a potato head that she says resembles him. Although he doesn’t look too pleased with his gift, he quickly takes to it and calls it Mr Potato. After their evening together, Kang Woo heads to Dr Lee’s and discusses his feelings for Seo-Yeon, contemplating whether he’s in love with her or not.

While Min-Kyeong continues to fall for Seo-Yeon, patching her leg up while Kang watches from afar, our male lead realizes he feels jealous. Heading outside, he decides to embrace his feelings and after a bit of a song and dance, skips into school to see Seo-Yeon with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Only, he has second thoughts and instead throws the flowers he bought out the window, leaving her confused. Bemoaning his luck, Kang heads to the gay bar and shares wine with Park while Seo-Yeon spots them drinking together and believes they make a good couple.

The next day, Kang gains some valuable running tips from Seo-Yeon at school before inviting her to the market at 10pm, where he turns the lights on and shows her a series of outfits intended for her track team. She questions why he’s doing this and as he starts telling her the truth about how he feels, asking her to stay by his side, she believes he needs a cover to hide his feelings for Hyun-Soo. All of this escalates to a series of hilarious misunderstandings as they both get the wrong end of the stick.

After some time, Seo-Yeon shows up at Kang’s house and decides to take him up on his offer of being his fake boyfriend. Only, it’s real to Kang and sets up a whole new wave of hilarity to ensue as they hug it out and he tells her how happy he is. Only, when he leans in to kiss her, she looks in wide eyed shock at him where we leave the episode.

With Kang-Woo’s stomach problems a thing of the past and plenty of romantic drama to chew over, Love With Flaws finally feels like it’s starting to come into its own and flex its funny bones. There’s some great stand-out moments during these two episodes as well, typified by Kang’s dance routine outside and through school. The slowed music and bites of the past echoing in his head was a really nice touch and added some flair to this segment.

It’s not the best drama out there, nor is it the funniest K-drama of the year, but there’s enough here to make Love With Flaws a solid enough choice nonetheless.

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