Love With Flaws – Episodes 27 & 28 Recap and Review

Seo-Yeon’s Decision

As we reach the tail end of this drama, Love With Flaws feels like it’s running the clock down as we continue with Kang Woo and Seo-Yeon’s game of will they/won’t they. Although the ending is quite nice and a couple of the subplots are actually really engaging, there isn’t a whole lot else here to get excited about.

The episodes begin with Kang pulling away from the kiss and apologising for being too direct, telling Seo-Yeon that because of her family drama he shouldn’t have kissed her. Inside, Seo-Yeon confronts Jang-Mi and Mi-Kyung over who told Kang about her family woes. Both girls spin their stories and eventually wind up hugging her before Seo-Yeon turns her attention to Won-Jae and asks him. However, the real culprit happens to be Won-Suk.

While he thinks over what to do next, Seo-Yeon meets the man who has Kang’s phone after an amusing conversation with Dr Lee as he phones the number. As they talk, she accidentally talks her way into buying him food. She heads over to Kang’s house but refuses to let her in… until Hyun-Soo opens the door and winds up in a fight with Kang. Eventually he and Seo-Yeon talk but things don’t go accordingly to plan, forcing Seo-Yeon to leave.

As she sits in a cafe pondering what to do, Min-Hyeok arrives and the two talk, where Seo-Yeon admits that he’s handsome, which is exactly the reason they can’t be together. He again tells her he likes her, prompting Seo-Yeon to dissolve into self-pity. As they end their conversation, Min-Hyeok promises to do everything he can to try and win Seo-Yeon over.

Won-Jae winds up kissing Kang-Hee outside his house while Mi-Kyung tells Min-Hyeok that she’s on Seo-Yeon’s side and whoever she picks, out of him and Kang-Woo, she’ll be right there for her. That evening, Seo-Yeon and Kang meet again where he tells her he won’t ever hate her but heads back inside and phones Won-Jae, concerned about Seo-Yeon and wanting to makw sure she gets home okay. As he talks, she walks past with handfuls of food, prompting him to hang up after informing Kang that she’s now home.

Outside the house, Ho-Dol’s Dad returns and sees the video of Ho-Dol being humiliated, prompting Won-Suk to head out with him and share a drink. As they do, we flash back to when Won-Suk told his family the truth about his sexuality. It seems to be enough to give him some courage to talk to his Dad about what he’s going though.

Meanwhile, Seo-Yeon and Kang continue to fret over their situations, avoiding one another and debating about just what they’re doing. As they do, Kang-Hee learns the truth about Seo-Yeon’s family and her brothers. Finally, Seo-Yeon and Kang make their decision and confront one another at his house. Seo-Yeon tells him she wants to stay with him and doesn’t want to go home. Taking her hand by the hand, they head inside and shut the door, where we leave the drama for now.

With a heartwarming ending and some feel good vibes, Love With Flaws brings things back at the end for a decent romantic vibe. If I’m honest, the sub-plots here feel a lot more interesting and it’s a shame that these haven’t been expanded on more. In particular, the Jang-Mi/police incident hasn’t really been touched on that much and with four episodes to go, it’s hard to see how this will be fleshed out enough to feel rewarding. By comparison, the homosexual angle is certainly a welcome inclusion but suffers the same aforementioned issues here.

Still, the characters are just enough to keep this one going and some of the jokes are genuinely laugh out loud funny. Dr Lee’s scissor incident in particular is one of the highlights this episode. Quite what next week has in store for us for the final double-bill remains to be seen as we gear up for the finale to this one.


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