Love With Flaws – Episodes 25 & 26 Recap and Review


With only 3 more weeks left of this romantic comedy, Love With Flaws has had quite the turbulent ride over the weeks. The humour hasn’t always been the most consistent and at times this drama has really struggled to find its groove. Still, there’s some nice moments this week and during these two episodes there’s a real desire to inject more humour into proceedings which has been a little lacking over the past weeks.

Love With Flaws returns with Kang Woo arriving and asking Seo-Yeon what she’s doing, prompting her to bite his arm and walk away. As she does, Min-Hyeok hits Kang and knocks him to the ground. As the rain subsides and the sun comes out, Seo-Yeon continues to cry until she faces Won-Suk, who brings her in and tells her to stop crying.

Feeling down in the dumps, Kang pleads with Min-Hyeok to sleep with him (in the same bed of course, not anything too weird) and eventually after some convincing he does. While Kang is haunted by memories of Seo-Yeon, Hyun-Soo takes Mi-Kyung home and begs her not to cry after making her some food. Back at Seo-Yeon’s house however, everyone stares at Seo-Yeon who pours cereal with large, black sunglasses on to hide her eyes. Only, when they fall off the housemates gasp and comment on how swollen her eyes are. As she heads back to school, Min-Kyeong is also wearing sunglasses and they sit together crying.

Kang heads back to see Dr Lee, who takes his leave midway through talking and curses him for being mad, as Kang maniacally laughs and begs the doctor to help him love Seo-Yeon. Meanwhile, Mi-Kyung gets closer to Hyun-Soo but pulls away midway through hugging him for fear of getting a little too close. Only, as she pulls away she smudges her make-up across his chest.

Kang-Hee is told to keep an eye on Seo-Yeon, while our protagonist winds up outside running away from Kang’s Mum. As she hurries off down the street, Kang nurses a black eye but winds up on a serious sugar high after sitting with Mi-Hyeok, prompting him to turn his attention to him instead, intent on helping him try and lose weight.

Outside, Mi-Kyeong snaps some model photos of Seo-Yeon before they head back to hers. As they do, Seo-Joon finds Joo-Hee heading to a karaoke bar to work and expresses his disappointment in her. However, across the road Ho-Dol sees this drama unfold and learns they all live together, leading to a whole load of drama to unfold with him afterward.

While Kang and Seo-Yeon continue to avoid one another, Kang Hee makes her move and asks Won-Jae out for a date. As things seemingly go smoothly with them, Seo-Yeon continues to lament her choices in treating Kang-Woo badly. Before she can look too much into this however, Kang’s Mum arrives and gives her an outfit to wear for an upcoming date with her son. As she struggles to tell her they actually broke up, she eventually caves and tells her they haven’t, causing even more confusion.

Back home, Min-Hyeok arrives at the house and tells Won-Jae he looks like Seo-Yeon. While he laughs hysterically and points fingers at him behind Seo-Yeon’s back, she tells him that she doesn’t hate him, before phoning Mi-Kyung and updating her on the situation. Jang-Mi meanwhile, reveals the snapped photos of Kang to her before walking away, showing him wallowing in self-pity outside his house and causing her to put the sunglasses back on again to hide her face.

After lying down at the bottom of the stairs, Won-Jae speaks to her about the family and provides some really heartwarming compliments. As she sobs, Kang Woo heads to the crash site and apologises to Seo-Yeon in his head. As he drives back however, Kang winds up in a car accident. Only, he suddenly appears alongside Seo-Yeon and it turns out he was actually the one who made a police report. As they stare one another down, she tells him she loves him – for real this time. As he looks at her, she leans forward and kisses him as literal fireworks explode from her shoes and into the sky.

Well that was a nice ending! Love With Flaws hasn’t always been the most consistent drama and some of the subplots have felt really half-baked that’s really hurt the longevity of this one. Despite that though, the series has regained its level of humour that was inherent during some of the better episodes in the series, but it all feels a little too late into proceedings. With 3 double-bill episodes left (basically 6) I’m hoping the show wraps up all its loose threads by the end but even if it does, compared to other romantic comedies Love With Flaws pales by comparison.


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