Love With Flaws – Episodes 11 & 12 Recap & Review


The Chauffeur 

Love With Flaws returns for its Thursday edition of episodes with a deepening character study for both Kang and Seo-Yeon to deal with. As Min-Hyeok becomes more of a central character in the story and plenty of questions are left unanswered, Love With Flaws edges toward its midway point with much more of a romantic slant to proceedings as the comedy takes a backseat to this drama.

The start of the episode picks up with Kang about to kiss Seo-Yeon until she grabs his cheek and pulls him away, telling him to stop being so cute. Composing themselves, together they drive to Seo-Yeon’s house where he learns that Won-Seok is Seo-Yeon’s brother and after calling him a scumbag, tensions escalate. However, Kang is invited inside where he apologises for the inconvenience and calls Seo-Yeon his girlfriend.

While Kang proudly boasts to Kyun-Soo about his new relationship status, Seo-Yeon tells Mi-Kyung about the arrangement she believes is in place. Deciding they need to make things more believable, Seo-Yeon orchestrates a photo-taking session with Kang before they say goodnight in the evening. However, not before giving her an expensive cake for a gift. Won-Jae is not convinced over this arrangement though, especially when he sees the cake, and immediately raises his suspicions over what’s happening. Eventually Seo-Yeon admits the truth about her fake dating him.

Meanwhile at school, Min-Hyeok bribes Seo-Yeon with more food while Kang, slowly growing fonder of Seo-Yeon, follows her to his doctor’s office where she asks Min-Hyeok outright what sort of women he’s into. He tells her he likes kind women before Kang bursts into the room and demands to speak with Seo-Yeon privately. He demands she not go near Min-Hyeok and as she deliberates over what his words, believes that he may also be gay.

Thanks to some crafty detective work, Seo-Yeon receives some texts informing her about all of Hyun-Soo’s girlfriends. Gasping, she charges at him, prompting her to put him in an armbar. With his arm close to breaking, Hyun-Soo finally caves and tells her he’s not actually dating Kang-Woo; it was all an elaborate hoax. However, she believes he and Kang plotted this deception together and immediately confronts Kang over it.

The next day, Kang and Seo-Yeon continue to fall out, with the former winding up Seo-Yeon until she drives him to Dr Lee. Back at school, Min-Hyeok tries cheering her up with sweets but it doesn’t help. Her sad mood continues at home too, where Won-Jae asks why she’s feeling so down given she was only a fake girlfriend. Could there be some genuine feelings hiding here?

Meanwhile, Jang-Mi continues to obsess over Seo-Yeon, watching her from afar and snapping photos until her Mother calls and sets her up on a date. It doesn’t go well though and after an argument with her Mum, she staggers outside, ankles cut and bloodied, until Seo-Yeon kindly buys her some flat shoes.

As day turns to night, Seo-Yeon is forced to be Kang’s chauffeur again while the teachers drink and eat food. Min-Hyeok sits with her though and as they talk, she gets a taste for alcohol and decides to get drunk with him. Afterward she and Kang wind up arguing until she passes out in his arms. However, Min-Hyeok arrives and takes control of the situation, gently putting her in the car and as the episode closes out, admitting in no uncertain terms that he likes Seo-Yeon.

Although Min-Hyeok doesn’t outright admit he’s taken a fancy to Seo-Yeon, I think it’s safe to say that’s what’s happening here. How will Mi-Kyung take this news given the loving looks she’s been given the teacher? It’s all gearing up to be a more romantic affair for the second half of this comedy and quite what direction the story is likely to go next remains a mystery. For now though, Love With Flaws does well to keep things interesting and although there are better Korean dramas out there, this one has enough allure to it to keep you sticking around to find out what happens next.

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