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Starting right where we left off, episode 7 of Love To Hate You starts with Kang-ho and Mi-ran embracing in order to keep up pretenses. However, it seems like the hug is very serious from Kang-ho’s end. The actor kisses Mi-ran on the forehead and drops her off at his car for his manager to take her home.

Mi-ran is worried about Kang-ho’s sudden affection towards her and blushes on her ride back home. Meanwhile, the director and the stunt coordinator of the movie tell Kang-ho that they love Mi-ran’s work and want her to perform all future stunts for Se-na. Later that night, Kang-ho gives Mi-ran a call to tell her about the new development in her role.

She is elated but their conversation is cut short when Kang-ho blurts out how he would like to keep dating her for real. On the other hand, Na-eun can’t help but fantasize about Won-jun. At breakfast, Mi-ran learns that her mother’s novel was finally picked up by a publisher. She asks her daughter for a favour and hopes that Kang-ho could endorse the novel to publicize it.

Mi-ran doesn’t support the idea and dismisses her mother. Meanwhile, Mi-ran and Na-eun chat about how the flight attendant had a bad dating history where she was only with handsome men that eventually scammed her of money leaving her in debt. Na-eun is upset about the remark. At work, Mi-ran has to deal with another commercial film issue with regard to Soo-jin.

The advertisers had decided to sue Soo-jin for having the brand suffer because of her messy and scandalous personal life. On set, Se-na is acting up by crying because of the way Kang-ho is ignoring her. The actor tells his co-star to suck it up and adds that he really will never take her back because he hates her.

After filming, Kang-ho takes his niece and her friends out for dinner as he had promised. Soo-jin and Won-jun are spending some needed arcade time after which the actress thinks about how she always got the short end of the stick in her relationship just because she is a woman. Won-jun promises that Mi-ran was going to take care of his issues soon.

The actress wonders why Won-jun doesn’t go out with anyone as the duo chat about their lives. Mi-ran pays the advertisers a visit and puts them in place for suing Soo-jin for groundless reasons. She asks for the company’s books in order for her to assess how much money the brand was losing because of Soo-jin’s scandal.

She claims that she would have the law intervene and take them to court for defaming her client and the advertisers end up taking back 2/3rds of the fine amount from their lawsuit. The bosses at Gilmu Law Firm are pleased with Mi-ran for being a beauty with brains who was good at everything. They ask her to bring Se-na to sign with their law firm now that she was going to spend a lot more time on set leaving Mi-ran scowling at the greedy law firm owners.

Mi-ran is back home where she finds Na-eun asking to join her on set. Na-eun plans on meeting Kang-ho, someone much more handsome than Won-jun in order to make him forget the long-haired CEO. However, the next day on set, Na-eun gets shocked to see Won-jun right by Kang-ho. Na-eun knows that Won-jun is trouble and tries to keep things curt with him.

On set, there is a rumour about Mi-ran only being on set because Kang-ho wanted to spend time with her. She starts trying to build a reputation on her own and tries to make small talk with everyone on set. Later that evening, Won-jun asks Na-eun out for dinner.

As she is adamant about making things hard for him, she claims that she will only agree to eat out if the total bill of the meal is less than $8. Mi-ran performs her scene to perfection outshining the make stunt men and actors making everyone on set praise her for her hard work. She is happy to see how things are turning out for her.

Meanwhile, dinner gets awkward between Won-jun and Na-eun because she cannot help but swoon over him for peeling shrimp for the flight attendant. Na-eun starts acting up and behaves like a frugal snob to piss Won-jun off. The CEO misunderstands the tantrum and claims that she was cute for looking out for his business and him.

Na-eun gives up and downs alcohol to cover up for accidentally confessing that she likes Won-jun. On set, as Kang-ho performs a scene, Mi-ran and Se-na chat. The actress tells Mi-ran how they used to date in the past leaving the lawyer shocked. Se-na’s purposeful confession leaves Mi-ran shocked and confused.

Just then, Mi-ran notices how a crew member was going to trip and fall off the escalator. She runs up to the man and saves him but ends up falling down the machine herself. Mi-ran shields her head but ends up bleeding when she cuts open her shoulder.

Kang-ho rushes to Mi-ran and takes her to the hospital. After learning how lethal the fall could have been, he is worried for her. Kang-ho thinks about how Mi-ran selflessly risked her life to save someone she did not even know. At the hospital, Mi-ran is oddly calm while she gets 14 stitches. Kang-ho wants her out of the movie but the lawyer is adamant about bringing her contract to fruition. The couple bicker as Won-jun and Na-eun rush back to set.

Once together, Mi-ran asks Na-eun to drive them back home but since the flight attendant had been drinking, Kang-ho takes Mi-ran to the hotel with him in order for her to rest. However, the hotel room is full with the entire filming crew living there, Kang-ho offers to share his room with Mi-ran. She reluctantly takes up the offer but feels guilty when they run into Se-na.

In order for Se-na to not be hurt, Mi-ran asks to sleep in her room. Se-na is more than happy to do so but Kang-ho takes charge of the situation and ushers Mi-ran to his hotel room leaving Se-na all by herself in the lobby.

The Episode Review

This episode was really chaotic from start to finish. From the moment Se-na spoke to Mi-ran and told her about her relationship with Kang-ho, I was sure our heroine was going to do something to protect the people around her. Mi-ran’s character is absurd but there is such beauty in this absurdity.

She is a badass on the streets who cannot help but beat up any pervert that deserves it. However, Mi-ran also has a side to her that makes her look like the most thoughtful and endearing woman a man could ask for. I love how Kang-ho was adamant to the very end when Mi-ran was about to make the crazy decision of bunking with Se-na.

It was obvious that Kang-ho would fall for Mi-ran but the fact that our guy stood up to the absurd Se-na, who thinks she can have everything by shedding some tears. I totally lost it when Kang-ho led Mi-ran to his bedroom and I am sure something spicy is about to unfold in the episodes to come!

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