Love To Hate You – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Femme Fatale vs Homme Fatale

Episode 6 of Love To Hate You starts with Mi-ran meeting Won-jun and discussing the photographs of her kissing Kang-ho that were soon going to release online. Won-jun suggests that Mi-ran should pretend to be in a fake relationship with Kang-ho in exchange for money and the lawyer eventually ends up agreeing to the lucrative offer.

With Kang-ho and Mi-ran meeting for the first time as fake lovers, Mi-ran has a lot of getting dressed to do. Mi-ran is out jogging when Na-eun finds the contract fake dating contract Won-jun faxed to Mi-ran. Na-eun questions her roommate about the arrangement she is getting herself into.

On the other hand, Won-jun is practically coaxing Kang-ho to fake-date Mi-ran in order to dispel the gay rumour about him. The CEO knows this is the first time Kang-ho has feelings for Mi-ran and the actor agrees to the arrangement in hopes that he can get Mi-ran to fall for him. Na-eun fails to stop Mi-ran and the lawyer prepares for her first fake date with Kang-ho.

The fake couple puts on a show for the paparazzi as Kang-ho takes Mi-ran to his secret house for a discussion about their arrangement. Taking things into her own hands, Na-eun goes to Kang-ho’s agency to discuss the situation involving Mi-ran. However, since she cannot control herself around handsome men, Na-eun immediately falls for Won-jun.

Meanwhile, Mi-ran is concerned about the effort Kang-ho is putting into their fake date. The couple discusses their fake story about how they fell for each other and takes photos in order to materialise the relationship for the media. At the agency, instead of breaking off the deal on Mi-ran’s behalf, Na-eun ends up agreeing with Won-jun when she learns how concerned the CEO is about his actor.

Mi-ran and Kang-ho are both trying to one-up each other on their date and Kang-ho wants to make her fall for all the compliments he gives her. Mi-ran, on the other hand, is hell-bent on charming Kang-ho with her impeccable biking and billiard table skills. Mi-ran eventually wins with the actor swooning over her. Kang-ho tries his best to show how unfazed he is by Mi-ran and ends up kicking her out of his car when they arrive at her apartment.

Back at his apartment, Kang-ho has to take a cold shower in order to stop thinking about Mi-ran. Following the reports about Kang-ho and Mi-ran’s relationship, everyone at work has started treating Mi-ran differently and she is not pleased by this change. She complains to Na-eun about how this is making her feel but the flight attendant is thinking about Won-jun’s kind words and defends the CEO who looks like an actor.

Just as she is getting to work, Na-eun gets a call from Won-jun asking if he could see her. At the same time, Grace apologises to Kang-ho for acting out because of the rumour. She senses something weird when Won-jun mentions Mi-ran’s roommate – Na-eun. Se-na is having a gala time on set but Kang-ho seems anxious to be on and around her. Se-na finds Kang-ho alone and tries to act shy with him.

Kang-ho draws the line by mentioning Mi-ran, his girlfriend but the actress states she knows it to be a sham. At work, Mi-ran cannot handle the special treatment she is getting from her boss as well as her colleagues including Jin-suh. She warns them against treating her as anything but normal and mentions how she would hate it if they revered her.

Kang-ho is finally living his dream of being a noir actor and he is doing a very good job in his scenes. However, he seems to be adept at differentiating between real and reel as he treats Se-na with indifference as soon as the cameras cut. Kang-ho learns that Se-na’s stunt double was pregnant with the stunt coordinator’s baby and that the crew was going to delay the filming further in order to find a new stunt double.

At the same time, Mi-ran is getting a massage with her new bestie – Soo-jin now that she has been released from detention but is still just as depressed. Kang-ho calls Mi-ran to ask if she will be able to fill in for Se-na’s stunt double and the lawyer is thrilled to put her raw fighting skills to good use. Their conversation gets awkward when Soo-jin yells that Soo-jin is naked for the massage.

Kang-ho starts blushing like a 13-year-old in love at the thought of a naked Mi-ran. The next day, Na-eun is back from work and just as promised, Won-jun is waiting to pick her up at the airport for their lunch. Na-eun’s dream of having a handsome rich guy pick her up from work while her colleagues envy her is finally coming true.

The interaction is anything but casually flirtatious from Won-jun’s end but Na-eun’s falling harder for Won-jun with every passing minute. Mi-ran is driving her way to Kang-ho’s set and thinks about how the actor wanted to keep her identity as his girlfriend a secret for professional reasons. However, Mi-ran cannot help by swooning over Kang-ho as he acts out the fight scene like a pro.

It’s Mi-ran’s turn to play Se-na’s body double and the girl jumps through a glass wall while hiding her face. After the scene, everyone on set is amazed by Mi-ran’s professionalism and skill. The stuntmen on set are getting so tight with Mi-ran that makes Kang-ho furious. Out of envy, Kang-ho makes it known to all that Mi-ran is his girlfriend.

Mi-ran thinks that Kang-ho had fallen right into her honey trap and offers to hug him goodbye to keep up pretenses. Even to Kang-ho’s surprise, he doesn’t have an anxiety attack. Se-na watches them hug but Kang-ho makes the embrace more passionate upon seeing his ex.

The Episode Review

I can’t get over how cute this drama is turning out to be. Aside from the fact that this drama is so binge-worthy, one is compelled to watch the next episode. The episode finally saw so much romance on Kang-ho’s part and the man did not even need to confess for viewers to see that he was smitten with Mi-ran.

Our bad girl on the other hand is delusional to think she is the only one playing Kang-ho. Kang-ho has her thinking in her bed which admittedly is big for women and I cannot wait to see these two start dating in reality. Now that Won-jun and Na-eun have finally met, I cannot wait to see what the show has in store for our extremely beautiful second couple. On we go to the next episode.

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