Love Tactics (2022) Ending Explained – Does Kerem win back Asli’s heart?

Love Tactics Plot Synopsis

Love Tactics is a simple rom-com that sees a fashion designer/blogger called Asli and a hotshot advertising executive called Kerem both believing they know everything about love.

Asli writes her own blog posts, detailing how predictable and awful some men are and instilling wisdom on circumnavigating these obvious clichés and striking out as strong, independent women.

Kerem meanwhile, is the typical player. He thinks he has women all figured out and knows exactly how to swoon anyone who crosses his path. So naturally, the pair make a bet with their respective friend circles, deciding to make the other fall in love with them.

What are Kerem and Asli’s plans?

Both Kerem and Asli immediately try to win the other’s heart, which leads to a number of different game-playing techniques, including ignoring calls and playing hard to get. However, coincidences continue to throw them together.

During a work trip together, the pair bond over Kerem’s love for pottery, stemming back from his father, who passed away when he was younger. Apparently, this is his “love barrier” and the reason he hasn’t been able to commit to any women.

It’s here we get a scene right out of Ghost, complete with Asli learning how to do pottery while Kerem caresses her hands. However, she pulls away.

Asli has a fear of heights but unbeknownst to Kerem, he blindfolds her after this pottery gig and leads her out to a hot air balloon ride.

Thankfully, Kerem is there to keep her safe and she finds solitude and comfort in Kerem’s embrace. This is the turning point, the moment they start to fall for one another.

What happens at Kerem’s place?

After the hot-air balloon ride, Kerem and Asli meet up at the former’s house. Asli continues her blog about Mr K, writing that he’s not so bad and the pair have started messaging. A commenter exclaims that she’s in love but Asli is quick to dispel that idea.

The pair share a nice dinner and eventually end up kissing in the rain (see: sprinklers turned on to max) after watching a movie together. However, they don’t sleep with each other.

Asli wants to know a secret no one else does, to see if Kerem is legit. It’s here he opens up about the piano in his lounge. It belonged to his mother but he’s been unable to play it since; the memories of her too much to bear.

So naturally, Asli decides to play the piano in the middle of the night. After this event, Asli decides not to write anymore as she’s clearly in love.

What changes for Asli?

When Asli heads back to work, she learns that Kerem is the guy who messed about her friend Hande. This is the same woman she instilled advice to earlier in the movie, and Asli realizes this is poetic justice for giving out advice without actually experiencing this herself.

So Asli decides to make a big show of outing Kerem, determined to make a fool out of him like he did with Hande. They head for dinner where Asli secretly films him on a live-stream. Asli calls out Kerem for being a player, going on to point out how much he messes people around and leaves him heartbroken, sitting outside alone.

How does Kerem win Asli back?

After the video does the rounds, Asli is fired from her job while Meltem returns to see Kerem, encouraging the executive to leave and head to London. However, he does so on the condition that Asli’s boss give her job back.

When Asli realizes the error of her ways, she leaves one last message on her blog about how much she actually cares for Kerem. With the tear vase in hand (something Kerem gave her earlier in the movie), the pair reconnect at the airport.

Asli barges past airport security while Kerem forces security to throw him off the plane just as he’s about to leave. They both reconnect in the terminal and decide to share “all the clichés” with one another.

As they’re handcuffed together, they’re escorted away by airport security and, presumably, into jail. A happy ending all round!


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