Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

What If You Run Into Your Ex?

Episode 9 of Lovestruck In The City begins with Jae-Won handcuffing himself to Eun-O. It’s an awkward encounter and one that paves way for the big question encapsulating most of this episode – what would you do if you run into your ex?

As we see from a flashback, Rin-I noticed her ex while working and pretended to still be in a relationship with him. Heading over to his table, she caused him to break up with his current girlfriend. Even though it was 8 years ago, she’s still not over it given he went completely silent and off the grid. Kyeong-Jun however, doesn’t have story like that given Rin-I is his only girlfriend.

For Seon-Yeong though, her encounter is much more dramatic. After scolding a man in the middle of the street, she bumps into Kang Geon. Given what we learned earlier in the season, Seon-Yeong is not happy with him living with other girls. She forces him to choose which one he loves more – Eun-O or Rin-I. Eventually her jealousy and raised voice forces them both to leave.

We’re then back with Jae-Won and Eun-O at the police station. An arrest warrant is being drawn up for Eun-O and she may even go to jail for her felony. It’s here the officers tell Eun-O that Jae-Won reported her 6 times.

Well, Eun-O continues to hide the truth and instead tells the officers that Jae-Won gave her his cameras. It’s a story that he eventually corroborates (why Jae-Won? Why are you doing this!) In order for her to go free though, Eun-O needs to hand over her ID card. Now the truth comes out. Jae-Won snatches up the card and sees that the woman in front of him is not the Seon-A he knew.

Jae-Won is understandably unhappy and demands to know what’s going on. Radio silence from Eun-O. Eventually Jae-Won leaves the station as Eun-O chases after him down the street. Despite driving off, Eun-O catches up. She apologizes for lying but Jae-Won is having none of it. After taking his cameras back, he eventually throws the bag on the floor and tells Eun-O he hopes they never see each other again.

He mentions the rings they were supposed to wear and how she’s not even wearing hers. Jae-Won throws his ring into the stream and drives away. It’s a moment that sees Jae-Won question everything he though he knew about her.

Down by the stream however, Eun-O searches for the relationship ring. As she does, it’s revealed she’s actually wearing the ring on a necklace round her neck. As she heads off, Jae-Won appears later on in the night to try and find that very same ring. Obviously Eun-O has already taken off with it, leaving him scrambling around by himself.

The Episode Review

So the truth about Eun-O comes out, albeit through another thick veil of lies again. Eventually though Jae-Won learns the truth about the girl he thought he knew and his whole world is turned upside down. He’s understandably angry and Eun-O’s radio silence during this time does her absolutely no favors at all. Why not tell him she’s wearing the ring round her neck? Why just stay quiet? And why play with this man’s feelings all this time?

This may be an unpopular opinion but I really don’t like Eun-O. She’s a horrible character, driven by selfish desires and stealing Jae-Won’s cameras and making it seem like he gave them to her is a step too far. She knows where he lives too and could have easily just mailed them back to him. Instead, she holds onto them as a memento of their time together.

Eun-O really needs to change and begin a redemptive arc of sorts because right now, she’s easily the most selfish character in this drama. It’s clear she still has feelings for Jae-Won – evident by the ring round her neck – but lying about her identity, stealing the cameras and blanking Jae-Won all this time are difficult things to forgive.

Unless Eun-O’s reason for doing all this is so utterly compelling and shocking, then it’s hard to see how this show will pick itself up from mediocrity. Thankfully, Ji Chang-Wook’s acting is good enough to stick with this one for the time being.

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2 thoughts on “Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review”

  1. Who put all the fun in this dysfunction? While I appreciate ReviewGeek actually paying attention to this show, I have to share my complete bafflement as to why? Why am I (are we) wasting time with this mess? This ep clarified at least one thing: the male characters are loyal and true and good guys. The females are thieves, liars, crazy and violent. Even the woman in the supposedly “sane” relationship goes and busts up a couple to exact revenge. You know, it snowed here today so I should go shovel the sidewalk. Time better spent than puzzling over this drama.

  2. Still un answered is still the question, what horrendous sin did the FL lead commit that throwing away true love, hiding, lying and torturing them both is the better option?
    This drama has managed to tell a story universally applicable to the world until this episode when the dam of Koreanness burst.
    The ML goes full vaporlock flopping around like a fish bouncing off the walls and nonstop blabbering when he finds out she used a different name.
    We already know that all he knows about her is the 2 months they were together. We also know from both him and her that she likes the fact that he doesnt ask questions which for her purposes is entirely what makes getting together with him for those 2 months possible. So its not like him knowing her by a different name would mean squat……unless you live in Korea.

    Rather than communicating to get answers he only vents and fumes before leaving the police station without giving her a chance to explain.
    She runs after and any moron would know its for a reason but his selfishness and concern only for his own feelings prevents her from being able to say anything again.
    Dont we all know that he will regret this tomorrow?

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