Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Love Is Supposed To Be Crazy

We begin episode 8 of Lovestruck In The City with Jae-Won receiving more bad news; it turns out Kyeung-Jun removed the memory card from his dashcam. This means it definitely wouldn’t have recorded Eun-O. Jae-Won is not happy and the pair wind up fighting in the car, culminating in Jae-Won pulling over and telling his colleague to get out.

Jae-Won is obsessed though, determined to find Eun-O and get his cameras back. Before he can do that though, Jae-Won leaves another video message for Eun-O, listing his positive traits and how much of a catch he is.

Meanwhile, Seon-Yeong decides to move on and delete everything in her life to do with Kang Geon… except following Eun-O on Instagram. When Eun-O shares a video of Kang Geon eating pizza, Seon-Yeong can’t stop watching and eventually sets her sights on going after her.

Jae-Won continues to suffer and heads to the doctors for advice. Only, it turns out the doctor there is an old classmate, Seong-U. He thinks twice about opening up to him and instead heads out drinking.

As it turns out, one of the moments he was blind drunk – including the first day of snow – Eun-O was there. Watching from afar, she saw Jae-Won down by the stones in the river and then getting blind drunk.

The evening where Jae-Won reported Eun-O now has more context too. It turns out during Jae-Won’s drunken antics, Eun-O sat opposite him while he was passed out. When ha awakens, he believes he’s i na dream and plays along. She repeatedly tells him to forget about her but he refuses, reminding her they’re married. Of course, to her this was all a big joke but for Jae-Won it was real. So real in fact, that the pair eventually sit together and cuddle up.

Back in the present, Seong-U and Jae-Won leave the bar but the former rings his ex-girlfriend Ji-Yeong. Only, it turns out they’re actually married and he has an 8 month old at home. She’s understandably not happy about him drinking and begins to run out of patience.

As Jae-Won heads down to the river again, he contemplates throwing away his ring. Suddenly though, Eun-O walks by on the other side of the stream. She spots him too and tries running away until Jae-Won catches up. As he does, the police show up and arrest her for stealing Jae-Won’s camera bag.

The Episode Review

Lovestruck In The City returns for a much improved episode this time, with a good flow and pacing throughout. The focus is squarely back on Jae-Won and Eun-O’s relationship, and with that comes a couple of fleshed out flashbacks with more context. The moments involving Eun-O and Jae-Won meeting in the bar is a nice touch and certainly shows that they both still have feelings for one another.

The ending is certainly a good way to close things off this week as well, with a conclusion to this ongoing camera saga and the police catching their thief. It’s a realistic, awkward and surprisingly well-written segment that pays off the earlier foreshadowed moments in the show. Quite what will happen next though, remains to be seen.

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2 thoughts on “Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review”

  1. I think she didnt do anything horrible in the past. She’s only insecure about herself, not being able to make a career while she knew how well Jaewon is doing career wise.

  2. Its been well done even though the concept and flow is annoying. The interviews seemingly are question and answer with the other party somehow knowing what the first party said in real time and yet never find each other or speak to each other.

    Even if one accepts the weird flow concept there remains the elephant in the room. By now we know that not only does the ML love the FL now as he always has but that the FL loves the ML despite continual denial.
    So the question is ……what did she do so horrendous in the past that she will sacrifice all happiness in her future to hide? What evil deed is significant enough to keep her in denial and hiding since she is the only one who knows everyone?
    The audience expects it to be something astounding especially as they make us wait more than 1/2 way through the series so far.
    I think there is a real chance that the second half kind of implodes because they have made us wait to long. If the answer isnt something absolutely astounding we will all say, that girl is a psycho lunatic for not getting back together over something as stupid as whatever it turns out to be.

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