Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

I’ll Forget It! I’ll Throw It Away

Episode 7 of Lovestruck In The City begins at the police station with an argument breaking out; police officers struggle to hold back Seon-Yeong. Eventually though she passes out on the chairs in the waiting room.

As fate would have it, a drunken Jae-Won shows up and begins weeping about how Seon-A took his heart. It turns out he’s a regular down at the station, and his current drunken antics are the sixth occasion there in a year.

Jae-Won goes on to talk about Seon-A and how he saw her again outside. Seon-Yeong happens to be listening to the entire conversation with her eyes closed, commenting that she’s still pretty.

During flashbacks, we cut back 4 years ago to see Kang Geon and Seon-Yeong breaking up. The latter is unable to deal with Kang Geon having female friends and walks away. As she does, she bumps into Rin-I and Eun-O who happen to be walking by outside.

She tells them that girls shouldn’t fight over a guy and walks away, handing her red backpack to Rin-I and telling her to give it as a gift to her boyfriend.

As we jump back to the present, the girls wonder just why Seon-Yeong broke up with Kang Geon. They then cheekily dance with him while Kyeong-Jun heads down to the station to pick up Jae-Won, who happens to be asleep in a cell.

Jae-Won continues to mope though, reminiscing on Eun-O’s promise about meeting on the third stepping stone down by the river. Kyeung-Jun notices his deflated mood and decides to confiscate the alcohol he has stashed away in his room.

In fact, Jae-Won decides to go one step further than his work colleague and throw away the surfboard he and Eun-O painted together. There were two boards that day, and ironically Eun-O just happens to hold her board at the same time as Jae-Won clutches his. Both of these characters intend to throw their boards away, and pass each other in the street too.

Eun-O immediately has second thoughts after handing the board over but Jae-Won doesn’t even get that far. He decides not to act on his impulses and wait a few days instead.

Back at the office, Jae-Won suddenly has an idea as he realizes the car he was in had a dash-cam – this means it may well have recorded Eun-O. Unfortunately his car has been towed, piling up the bad luck for Jae-Won. With Kyeong-Jun by his side, the pair set out to find the vehicle. As it turns out, Eun-O was the one who had the car towed in the first place!

The Episode Review

I’m loathe to call a show boring but Lovestruck In the City is beginning to feel more like Snoozefest In The City. While the characters themselves are charming and have some quirky traits, there’s just not enough substance with this one to sink your teeth into.

For something that began with such a unique premise and interesting way of presenting Korean content, it’s a shame that this show has kind of petered out and become a bit mundane over the past week or so.

Right now, everything appears to be resting on this fated meeting between Eun-O and Jae-Won again. Whether this will provide the spark needed to turn the fortunes of this show around remains to be seen. Let’s hope it does!


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