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Somebody Stole My Camera!

Episode 6 of Lovestruck In The City begins with us learning that Kang Geon and Eun-O are actually best friends. This raises an interesting question which forms the crux of this episode – how would you react to your significant other having a best friend of the opposite sex?

As all our characters weigh in on this, we cut back in time with Rin-I protesting and finding a kindred spirit holding pickets regarding demolition of the rest area. It turns out they used to be classmates in second grade and this guy is none other than Choi Kyeong-Jun.

We soon come to learn that these two used to run into each other at random moments over the years. Kyeong-Jun even helped take care of Rin-I’s Grandmother in hospital.

Of course, mandatory military service comes up and it’s around this time Kyeong-Jun hands over a plant for the girl and asks if she wants to go out with him. With a massive grin on her face, Rin-I eventually agrees to do just this as the pair rush off together. Timeless love… except Jae-Won is sceptical and believes his friend wasted way too much time trying to find her. What a spoil sport!

Back in the present, Kang Geon and Eun-O fight around their apartment, leading the former to be kicked out and sleep up on the rooftop. As Eun-O shows in front of Kyeong-Jun and Rin-I, the quartet head back inside and begin playing games.

The big contest comes down to Eun-O and Rin-I, who both begin competing against one another. Rin-I eventually comes out on top… until she presses the bell with the wrong hand and Eun-O winds up winning by default.

Midway through their night, Jae-Won is invited over for a catch-up. Eun-O immediately realizes what this means and tries to hurry out the building. Only, in doing so she runs straight into the path of Jae-Won who happens to be driving. He obviously recognizes her as Seon-A and begins chasing her up the alleyway. Unfortunately he loses the girl but continues searching, cancelling plans with Kyeong-Jun to do so.

As Eun-O talks to the camera, she admits that she didn’t contact Jae-Won because she found out that he was Kyeong-Jun’s cousin. Jae-Won heads to the local bar and drowns his sorrows in soju, getting blind drunk. He then heads into the police station asking the officers to chase after Seon-A and reports her as a hideous camera thief.

The Episode Review

Lovestruck In The City returns with Eun-O and Jae-Won finally meeting – albeit briefly. It’s only a matter of time before they properly meet and lay their problems out on the table, but for now it’s a simple enough hook to keep invested by seeing Eun-O run out the apartment and evade Jae-Won. Now that he knows she’s in the city, it seems likely that Jae-Won will be more determined than ever to find Eun-O.

Meanwhile, the entire episode instead frames itself around the supporting characters as we learn more about Kyeong-Jun and Rin-I, showcasing what they’ve been through over the years. It’s clear these two have a good connection and this extends right the way through the show, which is great to see.

Kang Geon and Eun-O being best friends is a nice revelation and the idea that everyone is connected in this small world of ours definitely translates nicely into this bitesize Korean drama. It’s not perfect but in terms of showcasing the turbulent, topsy-turvy world of real-life love, Lovestruck in the city does a pretty good job at capturing this.

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