Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

What Do You Do With The Memory Box After Breaking Up?

This simple question encapsulates the entirety of Lovestruck In The City episode 5 as we deep dive into the ensuing after-effects of a painful break-up and what to do with memories you hold dear with that person.

Specifically, we begin 3 years ago where we follow Kang Geon and his girlfriend. Well, ex-girlfriend given they’ve broken up. In a very public area, she makes him remove his shoes, socks and jumper. It’s a bitterly cold night too and he’s forced to stretch and jog on the spot to warm up.

However, he winds up in a chance encounter with a fellow soccer player for his old high school team called Dong-Sik. He rocks up with a jumper and shoes for him. Given what a crazy coincidence this has been, they eventually wind up together getting drunk.

Meanwhile, we catch a glimpse of Kyeung-Jun meeting Rin-I after their break-up to return her things. He refuses to throw her trinkets away and admits, with a box of their things in his hands, that he doesn’t want to break-up.

He thaws away at her icy façade and convinces her to hear him out. With bunny ears on and a hilariously ridiculous hopping stunt outside, she remembers how much fun they had together and agrees to give him another chance.

In yet more flashbacks we see Jae-Won and Seon-A taking photos together and enjoying their time down by the shore. Their honeymoon phase is in full swing as the pair continue to get along really well.

As we soon find out though, Seon-A has all 3 of his cameras and after they broke up, sold them. Speaking to the camera in the present, Jae-Won leaves a message asking exactly what Seon-A did with the money. Although he admits he’s angry…he also asks her to contact him too.

Anyway, Kang-Geon is actually living with Eun-O and notices camera rolls in the fridge. She’s pretty protective over them though and she eventually heads off to get them developed.

As fate would have it, Jae-Won contacts the owner of the shop asking for his photos to be developed. Only, given Eun-O is in there developing a stack of her own, he tells Jae-Won to return the following day. After hanging up the phone, he glances over at Eun-O and notices the photos being developed, instantly recognizing Jae-Won.

While Eun-O heads home and looks over the various photos she’s had developed, Jae-Won admits that he didn’t actually give her his camera. In fact, she actually had his camera bag that day at the airport but Jae-Won assumed she’d be seeing him again so didn’t say anything.

As we soon find out, she left a voice message for him when they were supposed to meet, telling him they shouldn’t meet again and admitting that stealing the cameras was her intention all along. It doesn’t seem right and Jae-Won too believes there’s more going on here than meets the eye.

The Episode Review

Lovestruck In The City returns this week with more background for our various characters. In terms of content, there really isn’t a lot going on here aside from Eun-O’s deception and what she could potentially be hiding. I still think there’s more to her story than she’s letting on but for now we’re left with a pretty conflicted character that deceived Jae-Won and broke his heart.

The poor guy is clearly confused and reeling over what happened and understandably so too – Eun-O completely deceived him all summer and essentially led him on. If she wasn’t happy with being a different person she should have severed the relationship there and then or at least told him the truth. Anything else just feels cruel and ill-placed.

Still, the format here is very unusual for Korean dramas and to be honest it does work pretty well to help this one stand out from the masses. Ironically, the supporting characters are actually more interesting than the main couple and I hope the show starts to showcase their stories a bit more than they currently are.

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2 thoughts on “Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review”

  1. This last episode was actually pretty boring and didn’t really move the story forward. Hopefully it gets better and develops the characters more. I am ready to let this one go but will give it a few more episodes to see if it turns around.

  2. Its so cruel right? We are given enough information to know Eun-o is in some state of denial over her feelings for Jae-won. Not so much as to be subconscious. She KNOWS she has feelings for him but somehow needs to deny them.
    If the original hang-up was she was hating herself and made a fake person why would she treat an honest guy who loved her so badly? Further, in this episode we know that its been a year since the events. We also wee her shacking up with Kang-Geon. What does that mean? If she was still in fast attack mode like she was with Jae-won then she felt an absolute need to be with someone almost immediately. So she isnt pretending to be a different person with him?
    At the same time her and Jae-won were so much in love its hard to imagine her jumping into bed with another guy with those feelings still. Even a year later she has them. Does she just have mental disorders?
    If she didnt rush the relationship with Kang-geon….figure a month or 2 to meet him. Another month or so to start dating and a few more months to move in together…Thats 6-8 months, so she has been living with him for a while. She definitely doesnt appear to be that in love with him and she knows he isnt like Jae-won who loves her unconditionally and she is always the first and most important thing. Then why would she like Kang Geon at all? Let alone move in together?
    Also the timeline on the film in the fridge. If he was living with him for more than a week he would have noticed the film in the fridge…..not just now, right?
    Are they tricking us? Is he her brother or something?
    Either way as far as relationship concerning Eun-o, she hasnt progressed much this week. Thats amazing because through the interviews she is seeing and its forcing her to know and confront how big an impact those days have affected Jae-won.
    She knows he has never required answers from her or made her do anything she didnt want. IOW she should know for sure that she could go to him and explain anything she wanted to him and have confidence he would accept her. So why doesnt she want this?
    If she is with Kang-geon, what about him makes him worthy to know the real her and Jae-won not?
    This drama and their relationship has hit near home for me as I have known women like Eun-o. Impossible to know and why not? She doesnt even know herself well does she? She runs her life like she hasnt even read about her own operating system.
    She worries and decides to break up with Jae-won because he is trying to convey how important she is to him but she decides to hear that if she were to tell him her name is different then he wouldnt love her any more.
    So this woman gets under all mens skin. A classic dichotomy where you want to spank her for all her cruel hearted and uncaring acts where she stuck a knife in your heart and just as equally felt, want to love her, help her and protect her from the consequences of how she has chosen to live her life.

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