Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Regretful Love

We begin episode 4 of Lovestruck In The City with Jae-Won and Seon-A together in their trailer lazing about. Jae-Won admits he can’t focus on his book and instead lavishes praise on Seon-A.

Just then, rain patters against the caravan interrupting them both as they head out in the pouring rain together and begin laughing and dancing. This also, as we soon find out, is the first time Jae-Won enjoyed – rather than bemoaned – being soaking wet without an umbrella.

Jae-Won suddenly asks Seon-A about her thoughts on marriage, going on to call from a payphone and play the guitar to her. While he performs this romantic gesture, we cut back to see Seon-A and Jae-Won together atop their caravan taking photos, reciting vows and exchanging rings.

They promise not to take their rings off in the future, which Jae-Won sticks to. Eun-O however, threw hers away after the break-up and, seemingly, with her fake persona too.

While our cast discuss whether Seon-A even had feelings for Jae-Won or not, we cut back and see Seon-A telling everyone that she’s been living with Jae-Won in his trailer for over a month. Jae-Won is caught out completely, shy and reserved around his friends, especially when she tells them all that they’re serious.

In fact, Seon-A appears to be head over heels for him as the two express their affection for one another. Only, it’s very clear that Jae-Won is a little clingy and worries a lot about her, especially when he leaves for Seoul. Only… this happened to be the moment Seon-A promised to see him and never actually did.

Back in the present, Jae-Won comes under fire over the architecture plans for a prospective client. Despite them being happy with the design, Jae-Won doesn’t think it’s good enough and delays the plans. This inevitably angers his Uncle who just so happens to be the President of the company he’s working for. Things are awkward but enough for Jae-Won to reconsider and get a move on with the project.

Eun-O is in Seoul and desperate for a new job. She approaches Rin-I at her company, pleading with her to take her on. As she heads home afterwards, a familiar song on the radio comes on – that same song she sung out of tune to Jae-Won. Different times, different vibes; it’s clear Eun-o and Jae-Won are very different as Jae-Won wants to meet her again but Eun-O wants to forget him.

As fate would have it, they rock up next to each other in their cars. Jae-Won doesn’t realize it but Eun-O most certainly does. Breaking the fourth wall, she addresses the audience, asking if he saw her, which he doesn’t appear to have done.

As the episode closes out, the pair discuss their feelings over this breakup. Jae-Won doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong and wants to know if Eun-O is okay. Eun-O meanwhile, decided to break up with him after Jae-Won mentioned he’d not want to date her if she was a different person. Alas, the plot thickens!

The Episode Review

Lovestruck In The City returns today with another dreamy episode, one that shows the deepening ties between Seon-A (Eun-O) and Jae-Won. Specifically, this episode examines whether Seon-A really did have feelings for Jae-Won through all this time or not. From the looks of it, she did.

Then again, the very real issue surrounding whether Seon-A led Jae-Won on or not comes up. While I understand she was probably conflicted, the show doesn’t paint her in a particularly favourable light over all this. This is especially true if the final moment they saw each other was through a broken promise of meeting in Seoul. Poor Jae-Won!

With flashbacks catching us up to the present, it’ll e interesting to see if next week’s double bill of episodes keep us firmly rooted in the present or whether we’ll flash back again to the past with a different character. Either way, Lovestruck In The City continues to deliver the goods with another strong episode.

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