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After seeing Seon-A (Eun-O) with Gyeong-Gu on the beach, episode 3 of Lovestruck In The City begins with Jae-Won walking with her and trying in vain to hold her hand. On the way, Seon-A tells him that she’s going to the cinema with Gyeong-Gu to watch a Nolan movie. Jae-Won is clearly not happy and tries his best not to feel jealous.

That evening though, Seon-A returns and begins playing the guitar. Smooth man Jae-Won grabs one too and begins playing in the room opposite. Although finding common ground with her, she quickly dismisses him and continues playing alone.

Gyeong-Gu and Seon-A continue to get along while third wheel Jae-Won tries his best to win Seon-A over. Sitting by the beach alone, Seon-A rocks up next to him after surfing. She decides to take a nap while Jae-Won uses his hat to protect her face and cast shade on her. Sensing that he’s disappointed, she invites herself over to his trailer later that evening.

Back at the trailer, Jae-Won learns that Seon-A bailed on Gyeong-Gu as she wanted to go with him instead. When he finds out, he can hardly disguise his happiness as he laughs. He then heads over to Seon-A’s restaurant with some smooth hand-written notes. He asks her to meet at 6pm that evening but given her shift ends at 10 so she obviously doesn’t show up.

We then cut 5 years back with hopeless romantic Kang Gun. He’s lying in bed with a girl and not only naked, but also can’t remember exactly how he got there. Neither of them can as it happens, until they exchange greetings in the morning. Her name is Seon-Young and as they hold hands, the two decide to head out for food a bit later.

Back with Jae-Won and Seon-A, the latter changes her mind and races up to meet Jae-Won at their scheduled spot. Unfortunately he turns on his engine and decides to leave after 45 minutes of twiddling his thumbs and exasperated sighs. As he leaves, Seon-A shows up just in time and they head off together.

In the present, both Jae-Won and Eun-O (not longer adopting the Seon-A alias) reflect on their memories and seem conflicted over what happened.

The Episode Review

Lovestruck In The City returns this week with a much more driven episode as we see the angst and romance begin to spread between Jae-Won and Seon-A. Despite only clocking in at 30 minutes, this Korean drama has certainly done well to showcase a slightly different flavour of romance.

The idea of interspersing talking head interviews midway through is a good one and helps to break up each of the different segments. Each episode has so far shown more of our supporting characters too, with Kang-Gun’s brief but humorous one night stand adding more depth to him. In fact, I’m quite intrigued to find out exactly what happened between these two that caused everything to go sour.

Lovestruck In The City is a pretty enjoyable rom-com and it’ll be interesting to see where the show goes next with this storyline.

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  1. Its difficult to guess what the issue is that breaks them up. All the interview scenes are made in current time so all the things she says weigh heavily on if her brain can think straight or not. For example she knew where he was in seoul all this time. What did he do so henious that she wouldnt bump into him again?? Also her admission that she was being that way because she hated herself and wanted to be a different person. Doesnt that mean she shouldnt hurt people who like her…????? which she admitted she knew she had done to him??? How is that going to make you feel better about yourself?? It sounds a bit real. To many women havent even read their own instruction book and blindly bang into one side off the hallway and then the other depending on what they feel like at the time.

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