Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

Becoming Seon-A

Episode 12 of Lovestruck In The City begins back on the rooftop as tensions continue to mount between Jae-Woon and Eun-O. They sit together and drink, specifically guzzling Jae-Won’s alcohol as they dance around the issues they have with each other. Jae-Won slowly starts to crack as Rin-I comments he may have anger issues.

When the conversation steers round to Eun-O’s necklace, she tells them all she’s a private person and walks away. Eun-O’s documents give Jae-Won an opportunity to catch up with her inside alone, as she decides she can’t work with him. She eventually tells him to leave too, which sends Jae-Won into a tailspin.

He asks outright if she’ll explain her actions over the past weeks but her silence speaks volumes. A frustrated and fed up Jae-Won calls her fake and a coward, leaving the party as the duo fail to air out any of their issues into the open.

Well, he’s not alone in leaving as Kang Geom and Eun-O are both left to clean up the mess left behind from the party. Eun-O helps herself to Jae-Won’s expensive alcohol, downing the entire bottle and heading out with her suitcase into the night.

On the way though, she runs into Seon-Yeong who’s equally as drunk as she is. She warns her off Kang Geom but then winds up striking her when she calls him disgusting. Well, Seon-Yeong attempts some Dragon Ball Z ki blasts (hand-palms!)  but unfortunately it doesn’t work as Eun-O leaves and gets the bus home.

As she does, we cut back in time and see flashbacks of Eun-O walking in on her partner with another girl. He has some pretty harsh words for her, claiming he sent her signs all along and leaving Eun-O a crying mess after calling the girl boring.

After throwing her phone in the bin, Eun-O failed to get confirmation from her employers that they were firing her. Just as she leaves the office, her replacement happens to be the real Seon-A, who shows with a bubbly and bright personality. The company picked this girl over Eun-O as her interview scores were higher and Eun-O’s were a little too ordinary.

As we see later in the episode, Seon-A absolutely killed it in the interview and even encouraged the other candidates to clap along with her. Sure it seems a little cheesy and corny but given this company appear to have been interviewing a lot of people, it’s important to stand out and she absolutely does that. Eun-O by comparison, is quiet and unfortunately blends in with the others.

Deciding to get away from it all after ringing her Mother, Eun-O hopped on a bus and arrived at the beach. There, she’s called ordinary again when selecting rammyeon from the shop.

Determined to try something different, she picks a different dish as Bin and Ra-Ra cook for her and watch in astonishment as she wolfs down three dishes. Eventually she asks to work with them and decides to use Seon-A’s name. That’s when she met Jae-Won and the rest – as they say – is history.

The mockumentary format then returns as both Eun-O and Seon-Yeong admit that they didn’t enjoy their break-ups. Eun-O claims she was going to show up with the cameras but when she saw Jae-Won on the bridge, she was too scared and instead left him a message. She stole his cameras so he would hate and forget her. She didn’t want to break up like that but doesn’t really know how she should have gone about doing it.

When Eun-O awakens, she finds herself in Jae-Won’s apartment.

The Episode Review

The mockumentary style that’s kept this one feeling unique is pretty much disbanded this episode until right near the end, leaving a relatively formulaic slice of drama that jumps back in time and looks in more detail at Eun-O’s past. Unfortunately, it also continues to leave the issues Jae-Won and Eun-O have unresolved.

This drama has been pretty polarizing in truth and now that we’ve seen Eun-O’s past, I’m still not sure how we can justify her actions. I appreciate she’s been through a traumatic break-up but the job situation is completely justified. As an employer, she didn’t stand out enough compared to other candidates and unfortunately if Seon-A’s interview score was higher, there’s not a lot else to do. It definitely sucks for her though.

Eun-O’s anger and disappointment unfortunately spills over to Jae-Won and while I’m sure there’s a part of her that didn’t mean to lead Jae-Won on, there’s no doubt that she did. Jae-Won was completely in the dark about everything and I understand why he’s so frustrated and annoyed right now with the whole situation.

The cliffhanger ending certainly leaves the door open for Tuesday’s episode though, and quite what will happen next remains to be seen.

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  1. The drama is now positioned as Jae-won being done with Eun-O but with his soft heart how could he really be? Now it seems he will drift into her pattern where his ability to express his true feelings will be hidden and camouflaged by his speech and actions to preserve his mental state and cope with devastating loss.
    It would seem in story that Eun-O becomes confident and takes his place as unswervingly loyal, loving and persistent if she is to fix all this.

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