Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

A Fresh Start

Episode 11 of Lovestruck In The City begins with psychologist Seong-U being asked if there’s a right way to break up. According to him, a healthy break-up leads to a healthy relationship in the future. This healthy breakup includes breaking up to their face, not by phone or text message. On the back of this, all of our characters debate over whether there really is a healthy way to break up with someone.

Back in the present, Jae-Won learns that Rin-I is close to Eun-O as both Eun-O and Rin-I exercise outside. Well, Kang Geom is there too and winds up stuck upside down. When the trio finally head back home, Eun-O receives a call regarding her work.

Jae-Won meanwhile is hung up over the male voice he heard on the phone during his call with Eun-O. He’s fixated on the fact she could be dating someone else and eventually decides to find out for real. He rings Kyeong-Jun and asks him about Eun-O. Specifically, he wants to know what sort of girl she is. After berating Kyeong-Jun for hitting a client last time, we hear the full story about Eun-O’s ex and past.

Eun-O’s ex partner, Kang Min-Su, was due to marry her but was dating someone else in secret. His secret lover would have been pregnant at the time she was dating him too and as Kang-Geon does the math, we understand that Eun-O’s life was shattered in the wake of finding out. She even lost her job too while Min-Su married the girl he was dating in secret.

That’s why Eun-O disappeared for 3 months. She even got rid of her phone too so no one back in Seoul could contact her. Because of this, she sabotaged her own love life.

We also see where Eun-O adopted the name of Seon-A from too. She was attending an interview in the past and the woman next to her had this name.

After work, the guys all prepare for a rooftop dinner. With wooly hats and big, comfy coats, Kyeong-Jun invites Jae-Won up to the roof. He doesn’t make a scene in front of anyone else and shakes Eun-O’s hand politely, telling her he’s been curious about the girl. He mentions throwing the ring away because everything he knew about the girl was fake.

Eventually Jae-Won sits with the others but things are tense, to say the least. Will Eun-O and Jae-Won finally open up?

The Episode Review

Finally the full truth comes out and explains exactly why Eun-O has been acting the way she has. I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty harsh on this one over the weeks but episode 11 finally clears things up and allows us to empathise with Eun-O’s actions to an extent. We know that she was hurting and in pain so she intentionally sabotaged her own relationship.

Of course, this still doesn’t excuse her for lying and deceiving Jae-Won but it does allow us to understand why she was so hesitant with the promise rings during her Summer with him and why she was so conflicted. The ending is a nice touch too and Jae-Won’s decision not to confront Eun-O in front of everyone helps his character mature somewhat too.

To be honest, a lot of this could have been easily resolved had Eun-O just given him his cameras back and the two move past their summer flings onto greener pastures. Hopefully now though we see the duo open up and start a healthier relationship based on truths rather than lies.

So far though, Lovestruck In The City has been quite the turbulent ride but there’s enough here to stick around and see what happens in the next episode.

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4 thoughts on “Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review”

  1. I really do not like this show. It is taking a direction that wouldn’t be like that in real life. People have real feelings and emotions, for all that he has gone through and is still able to forgive and want to be with her still is amazing to me. I don’t feel like he’s putting himself first and seeing all that he went through just made me dislike her even more. We are just humans but we have no right to turn around and hurt people so badly because we went through something similar. If they are the bad ones then what does that make her/us. Thank God it’s just a drama!!!!!!

  2. I think in the scope of things we have witnessed by Eun-O she still has a ton of sin she is responsible for. I cant decide if its bad writing or her herself.
    An example would be the dichotomy of her seeing/talking to him in the bar pouring out his soul and her only being momentarily moved to throwing away her surfboard and going through a period were she didnt care if he lived or died to and then having a jail experience that moved her to get the surfboard back and get the real Eun-O back????

    The order of these things is hugely OFF and nonsensical. I tend to think the writing was poor here. There is no way a jail experience could compete to move someones heart like the bar scene.

    The other thing is the huge difference she is making between her friends and Him thinking how different she treats them and what each can know and not know.
    The original sin she based everything off of was supposedly that she hated herself. How can she disappear for 3 months and come back and not have that affect her friends or an explanation? IOW What exactly did she hate herself for? And did her friends know what it was and only he couldnt? There is really no path that isnt nonsensical and often times that is because of crappy writing and reasoning.

    With things as they are the ending is going to be a big let down with very little resolution where she just runs into his arms and he doesnt ask questions. Thats what the screen dynamic is set up for now.

  3. Hi, actually Eun-o was the rightful fiancee and she caught Kang Min-Su banging the other girl (who is now his wife with a 9-month child) in their Busan’s house.

    You don’t need to publish this, just verify what I mentioned above and make amendments before other bitchy fans like me read this and decided to make a scene ; P

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