Love Song For Illusion – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Coronation of the Crown Prince Sajo Hyun

Episode 6 of Love Song for Illusion starts with Ak-hee and Gye-ra kissing under the water. The black fog surrounds Sajo Hyun, and suddenly, he is back in his body and pushes Gye-ra away. Once they swim out of the water, Gye-ra immediately realises that the Crown Prince is no longer Ak-hee since his body is cold. She wonders where Ak-hee goes when Hyun takes over his body, and Hyun tells her that he does not know since Ak-hee is a fake.

Gye-ra remembers the many times she has called Ak-hee. Hyun notices the change in Gye-ra’s demeanour, and he tells her that Ak-hee hates being called a fake the most. Hyun carries Gye-ra since she is still limping, and it will take them longer to get out of the cliff before the sun sets. 

Ak-hee finds himself back in the spirit world and wonders how he got there. He remembers Chung Ta’s warning that love or lust would weaken his powers, and since he left the body when he and Gye-ra were kissing, he figures that the emotions weakened him and sent him out of the body. He tries to summon Hyun, but it fails, and he watches Gye-ra wrap her arms around Hyun as they walk out of the rift.

Hyun and Gye-ra arrive at a village away from the palace, and since Hyun has no idea how to get back, he subtly asks Gye-ra to stay by her side by saying that she is still under arrest and not allowed to leave his side. Meanwhile, Eunuch Neung and Jin-seo accompany Chung Ta to the hall of spirits to try to lock up Ak-hee again in Bonghamsal. However, the ritual does not work since Ak-hee is no longer in Bonghamsal. 

Elsewhere, Sajo Yoong gets an update about Gye-ra and her rescuer falling off a cliff and asks his men to search until they find their bodies. Meanwhile, Hyun uses his ring to get common clothes so they do not stand out in the village. Later, Gye-ra gets them food under the pretence that she is pregnant, but her husband, Hyun, has not found food for days.

During the meal, Hyun and Gye-ra overhear the villagers talking ill of King Sajo and the Crown Prince as they applaud Sajo Yoong for helping people experiencing poverty and say he will be a better King. The villagers say that people are gathered at the capital, waiting to make Sajo Yoong the new King. Later, Gye-ra helps the woman when she nearly faints from indigestion. 

The Crown Prince learns about Sajo Yoong sponsoring the Wind Knife, which suggests that he has been secretly working to influence public opinion and develop a secret army in preparation to take over the throne. At the same time, the people started riots in the capital, shouting slogans saying they preferred Sajo Yoon over the Crown Prince to be the new King.

Jae-yi and Ha Rang realise that Sajo Yoon has been using them under the pretence of restoring the royal family while the truth is that he wanted the Crown. Yoong writes a letter to the government ministers asking them to back him up as the new King since the Crown Prince refuses to listen to his advice, and he is now outside the palace indulging a woman when the Kingdom needs a ruler the most.

Sajo-hyun does not sleep a wink, afraid that Ak-hee will take over his body, but he lets Gye-ra rest her head on his shoulders all night. The next morning, before they bid each other goodbye, Gye-ra tells the Crown Prince that she had hidden the truth about getting her memories because she was afraid the friendship she had built with the Crown Prince would end.

She tells Hyun to pass her appreciation to Ak-hee, but Hyun says he might not grant her request since he does not plan to see Ak-hee again. While this is happening, Sajo Yoong has a meeting with the ministers about taking special measures to protect the country. 

Gye-ra goes back to bid the woman who gave them a place to stay for the night, and her son shows up wounded. He is wearing a tablet showing he is part of  Sajo Yoong’s army and says that he got hurt fighting the government troops. Gye-ra learns that Sajo Yoong has sent assassins after the Crown Prince so he can take over the throne.

Meanwhile, Hyun runs into travellers on the way, and they lead him on one of their horses. The father and daughter say they are heading to the capital to join the uprising to ensure the Crown Prince does not take the throne. Hyun notices that the daughter has a scar on his face, and the father says that she got that when she tried to run away from being forced to become one of King Sajo’s girls. The father mentions that there are many girls like that in the capital, and when Sajo Hyun gets there, he cannot help but see girls everywhere with similar scars, meaning his father is to blame. 

Suddenly, soldiers enter the streets and start beating up the people, accusing them of joining the riots. The Crown Prince’s heart becomes heavy as the voices of the people he has heard along the way say that he is not fit to be King and will be as bad a King as his father constantly rings in his head. Two men try to kill him, but Gye-ra arrives in time to save him, but more men surround them. Ha Rang and Jae-yi come to their rescue, and they tell them about the countless people arrested by Sajo Yoong under claims of being rebels and that he has ordered their execution.

The chaos overwhelms the Crown Prince, who does not want to head to the capital to deal with Sajo Yoong. Gye-ra is disappointed in him and suggests that he let Ak-hee take over since he is not as weak as the Crown Prince. Gye-ra wants to go to the palace, but the Crown Prince stops him, saying he does not want her to die. 

The palace prepares for the coronation, and Sajo Yoong is sure he is becoming King. However, the Crown Princess and her father show up in his pavilion with evidence that his mother’s long needle was used to kill the King. They wish to let bygones be bygones as long as Sajo Yoong stops his attempt to take the throne, but Yoong chooses to have his mother sent to prison.

Regardless, the Crown Prince is back in the capital, and he shows up for the coronation. His first orders are to release the people arrested for the uprising and to release the women put in the palace to entertain the King. The Crown Prince looks around for Gye-ra, and in a flashback, we see that he begged her to stay by his side since he was afraid of becoming a monster like his father. The Crown Prince wants Gye-ra to keep an eye on him and give him strength so he does not turn into a monster. Gye-ra becomes one of the royal court women without any rank. 

At the end of the episode, Sajo Yoong is surprised to see Gye-ra among the court women, and he gets confused about who had promised him the throne as long as he helped get Gye-ra out safe. He wonders who the evil spirit is among the two and who Sajo Hyun is. 

The Episode Review

Will there be a love story between King Sajo Hyun and Gye-ra? The new Queen has demoted Gye-ra to a common royal maid, which means that the two are pulling further apart. What will happen if Ak-hee takes over Sajo Hyun’s body? Ak-hee is not as interested in the throne as he is in Gye-ra, and he might destroy everything just to be close to Gye-ra, while Sajo Gyun is more logical.

Is Gye-ra willing to withstand being a royal maid to keep her promise to Sajo Hyun? The series is constantly unpredictable, and we have no idea what to look forward to in the next episode. 

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